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I do consider myself a workaholic although again like what I said earlier I PROCRASTINATE A LOT. Money makes me happy. I dance and shout once I touch paper bills that are mine. And the thought of being uber rich in the future just makes me feel contentment in life. LOL!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
could not ask for more.
11:44 PM
if i'm not to count the purple skinny jeans, lisa frank back pack and me being filthy rich in the near future, then i have nothing more to ask for.

this year seemed to have been in favor of me as far as i could remember. yes, there were the "bad" days. i cant deny that. but come to think of it, i had every single bit of whateverness wishes i wanted. from the ups and the downs, i've actually prayed for it to happen. and i got it just the way i wanted it.

things move in mysterious ways. (hindi lang love.)

today was the unofficial first day of classes. and i have been saying the word "friendship" a million times. i hate it. as well as the others who've spent the day with me from 8am to 8pm.

this was the first official "friends" day for me and jomp. we spent the whole afternoon together till 8pm. it was fun. it was happy. it was normal. on the way home, i was thinking if kinikilig ako or what. and my brain processed an answer in a snap, "walang kilig, just happy."

thats how we enjoy, we annoy each other. asaran na walang katapusan.

people may not understand me or believe what i've been saying for the past days. like this must be another bullcrap by me for brainwashing my brain, heart, blog and all the people around me for telling the world that "yes, we're just friends. nothing more, nothing less." but it is true. you have to believe me by now.

i see him positively if we're friends. he's funny, slow, annoyingly fun, immature and other blah blahs. nakakatuwa lang and nakakatawa. GRABE! ETO LANG YUNG GUSTO KO! ETO YUNG "HAPPY DAYS" WITH HIM. tamang cheverness lang. swabe.

"it is for the BITTERment of the human kind." -nica (oo, ako si nica.)

starting tomorrow, MAGMUMURA TAYONG LAHAT! 5 pesos din yun bawat mura para naman bongga ang once a month bisyo nights natin. :))

dear jompy,
kung nababasa mo tong blog ko ngayon, pinapaalala ko lang sayo yung "surprise" mo sakin. sana wag mong makakalimutan yun. hahaha! kailangan ko na yun ASAP para may magamit na ko. :)) (oo na demanding na ko amp!) yiiiiii! surprise! (na alam ko na. sorry! taenang spinoil ko yung surprise para sakin amp!)

gusto ko ikwento yung nangyari today pero bukas ko nalang ibblog.