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I do consider myself a workaholic although again like what I said earlier I PROCRASTINATE A LOT. Money makes me happy. I dance and shout once I touch paper bills that are mine. And the thought of being uber rich in the future just makes me feel contentment in life. LOL!

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Friday, October 31, 2008

2:24 AM
if you just let yourself be and forget your fears, then i'll be in bliss together with you.

was able to solve the facebook problem. the text message for confirmation took half a day to arrive. my email's now flooded with facebook messages. damn it! gosh! i totally forgot why i'm blogging.

okay okay, i remember!

yesterday, jompy and i were talking about some random stuff. like, where we wanted to go, dreams, likes (insert synonyms here)...blahblah! then i told him that i really wanted to baguio (aside from japan and amsterdam). it's been years and years since we last went there. i was what then, 10? or even younger. at that moment, there i was thinking of how i could save up for a baguio experience.

when i got home, ma went inside my room and told me we are going to baguio for the weekend. it was freaky and errr...i was really happy to hear about it. :)

i'm still hoping to go there with you though. when we get rich. *winks*

Thursday, October 30, 2008
the latest addiction.
11:10 PM

Sunday, October 26, 2008

5:23 PM
screwed up last night. i know i did. i'm sorry.

that's why i hate responsibilities. i know i can handle them, i just think about it too much. really really pressured about it.

we have the ugliest sched. goodluck!

Saturday, October 25, 2008
imma shades now. nica ver.
11:10 PM

ji, gave me the cutest shades i've ever had. thanks! i HEART you. :)

L-O-V-E makes the world go round-ee.

Friday, October 24, 2008
7:27 PM
ben: you can't eat sushi. you can't smoke. you can't smoke marijuana. you can't smoke crack. you can't jump on trampaulins. its basically a giant lots of things you cant do.
allison: yah! it sounds thrilling.
ben: i'm gonna sit there on the trampaulin, smoking crack. (allison laughing) you don't have anything to do. you'd be bored.

awww...ang sweet. :)

fuck off.
6:38 PM
hellow poh! wala me magawuh kaxe. mahal na mahal pow kita forever koh. xana magkituh na tayow buhkas kaxe miss na miss na kituh. i love you pow! tsup tsup!

nairita ka?

ako din eh.

KAYA UTANG NA LOOB! mawala na sana ang mga pacute na taong yan. jologs!

pagnamatay ako ngayon sa aking pagtulog, sisihin nyo yung mga nagpost nung "R.I.P. Francis "Kiko" Magalona (1964-2008)" sa friendster bulletin dahil ayoko syang irepost.

4:06 PM
not going to sami's.

i like unicorns. nica likes turtles, pandurrrs and unicorns.

pissed off at charlie the unicorn because of some personal stuff.

looking for ways to get money.

2:21 PM
i fear that i will always be
a lonely number like number three
a three is all that's good in write
why must my three keep out of sight
beneath the vicious square root sign
i wish instead i were nine
for nine could forth this evil trick
with just some quick arithmetic
i know i'll never see the sun
as one point seven three two one
such as my reality
a sad irrationality
when art this decency
another square root of a three
is quietly combulsing by
together now we multiply
form a number we prefer
rejoicing as an integer
we break free from our mortal bonds
and with a wave of magic wands
our square root signs become ungooned
your love for me has been renewed

-kumar (harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay)

part2 is better than part1. gusto ko na rin pumunta sa amsterdam. hahaha!

Thursday, October 23, 2008
highschool drama.
7:21 PM
currently attempting to get the charlie tongue sound for my ringtone.

nina went home already. as usual, romar was this early to pick her up. and i can't believe i didnt go back to bed. i dont know but i felt so awake, aside from the yawns, i'm atleast 90% awake.

kudos to us, we finally got the PERFECT aircon temparature--24C. we've had about 5-6hours of sleep yet i felt really really fine. i'm really tired of oversleeping. it makes your back ache, your head ache and you miss the day.

not everything online is correct. i didn't know that even online language translators are conyos til now.

i had a really REALLY good time last night. (too bad i don't have pics yet for this) but hey! it was so highschool. sometimes you just need a day with your highschool friends. highschool and college are totally different.

i missed hanging out with you, guys. when was the last time when we did? 3rd year summer? during your basketball games at belve. (except pao and fred and papi.) but as a whole, maybe that was the last time. i really missed monty. good thing that after all, you didn't change. :) we even saw baja and karla. OMG!! *gigil mode*

last night was soooo highschool. we miss 3f! right, jenna? i want 3f reunion. i want my tres espanish back in business.


KUPAL NA RICH KIDS! but i love you, guys.

(i'll eat my lucky charms now since im awake.)
(still thinking if im going to sami's party.)
(i'm planning of having my orange sofa bed be just a sofa, and my kutchon my bed because it feels better.)

(nilulubos nyo sembreak ko. nako!)

fri- sami's bday.
sat- enrollment.
sun- highschool ihaw dinner.
mon- kits.
tues- outing.
wed- outing.
thurs- cream.

wow! isang linggong lakad. hindi ako pupunta sa lahat! asa pa! sa tamad kong toh. and im broke for the record.

2:56 PM
nica: ma, pupunta akong better mamaya.
ma: sinong kasama mo?
nica: tinay, pao et cetera et cetera.

tapos after a while.
ma: aalis ka nanaman?
ma: may pera ka ba?
nica: yung pera mo.
ma: aba! wala akong perang ibibigay sayo.
nica: yung pera mo nga na binigay sakin noon.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008
slash random.
7:52 PM
yun lang PERIOD. mamaya na me blog uli. :))

i heart this week.
2:04 AM
1.7777777778 infinity yung average ko. ampupu! ang masaklap dun, eh, andami kong dos pero infairness ang taas parin ng average ko. ano pa kaya kung uno tong mga nakuha ko?

so ano ba? gusto ko magblog NG TAGALOG. kasi mageenglish ako mamayang onti sa secret love blog na nalaman ni pabs accidentally (speaking of, di kita nakita kanina, dear. :C ).

grabe! gusto ko lang sabihin na sobrang namiss ko yung block buong break at ngayon na nakita ko kanina most of them, ANG SAYA KO! I LOVE YOU, ADTU'S. epal ako kasi miss ko kayo pero wala akong camera. :))

ano pa ba? andito si macci ngayon.

nanood kami kanina ng sex in the city the movie tapos peste kasi twing papasok si mama sa room (kasi peste uli dahil pasok lang ng pasok lahat ng tao sa kwarto ko na para bang museum ito at peste uli dahil di ko malock dahil walang lock kasi walang knob yung pinto.) eh sex scene yung lalabas. parang tanga talaga. kaya pagmay sex scene, naiisip na namin ni macci na baka pumasok si mama. hahaha!

anyways, ang saya ko kasi binilhan ako ni mama ng lucky charms kanina na uber favorite kong cereals sa buong world (kasi oo, jompy, eto ang pinakamasarap na cereals sa buong world). pero trix kinakain namin ngayon. save the best for last.

kinikilig me, VAM-PA-YERRR. grabe ka! xoxoOxXXOox.haha ♥

connect the body.
12:56 AM

ganito ba kaboring ang sembreak? :)) bagong laro namin ni kit.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
movie slash tv shows reviews.
3:31 AM
before i call it a night, i just want to do some reviews about the last movies slash tv shows i've watched during the break and way way before the break.

the movies.
the series.
my reviews are nonsense. im just wasting my time and yours as well. im sleepy. ill try to fix my reviews someday---NOT!

goodnight, love. thankyou. :)

2:41 AM
after a week of carrying all these plastic boxes out of my room, all the cleaning, all the hunting and searching for things, all the dust, and all the other labor i haven't mentioned, i now show you the coziest room in the world. here are my room pics. YEYS for me. :)

i love the yellow lights. :)

and my bed/lazy boy sofa.

my desk. my desk only looks messy, but those are just photos below the glass.

shit! the glare.

conceptual art. LOL! (no idea what to put on the walls yet.)

mi dresser-ISH.

the shelves with jojo on quarantine. (ang baho nya)

my "room surveillance cam" over there. tangena! yeah right!

Monday, October 20, 2008
thank yousss . :)
11:17 PM

i wouldn't have survived the break without the ff:

this week was amazing. i cant trade this for anything in the world. thank you "stREST-less week". :)

i love these girls. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

5:18 PM
i super enjoyed last night. it was something i've been longing for to have. a stress-less night with my girls. just plain catching up and yellow cab and coke. NO ALCOHOL. yes, no alcohol. just yosi (it has been a week since my last yosi. balays and magnet.) a moment at the rooftop and camwhoring. one scary movie for the night while sitting in the coziest orange sofa bed in the world. the cold pizza was not even a problem. (TAE! walang maarte samin thank god) the ugliest pics only horror films produce was created by diz (my dslr). to end the night slash morning, a romantic comedy which was really cute to be fair.

i miss you girls soooo much. nina, tinay and camsy. grabe! its been soooo long. i last saw tinay during her birthday (april), camsy during my last birthday at gb3 (jan) and nina...OHMYGOD it took us forever to see each other again.

after 5days of cleaning, i finally had a break.

i love you, flirtz. EK next stop.

Saturday, October 18, 2008
6:53 AM
para na akong vampire.

nagising ako ngayon padilim na. natulog ako kanina may araw na. SHET! OMG!! VAMPIRE NA KO.

weh! tangina nyo!

6:46 AM

the luxury of life and love.

the works of mtv.
5:56 AM
Crush - David Archuleta

thank you, nigel. napanood ko din sya sa mtv ngayon lang. :)

crush ko si nick jonas. WALANG KOKONTRA!


tru blad.
5:30 AM
what's up with vampires? can someone answer me? sila na ba ang bagong trend? tangena! hindi naman sa ano ah. ayoko din naman maging hypocrite kasi nanunuod ako nung true blood na tungkol din sa vampires. pero ano ba? anong meron sakanila at mukang mabenta sila?

yung twilight ba yun? puta! ano ba!??! may mga nagkalat sa multiply ng edward cullen stuff. bat ba kayo kilikilig dun? ano ba?!? ako sobrang inaantay kong kiligin ako sa true blood. sa pagkakatanda ko eh ngaun lang ako kinilig kay bill at sookie kasi malibog silang pareho (sorry for the word). pero yun nga. kasi taena! ang sweet ni bill (truebloods0106). hindi lang nya masave si sookie kasi hindi pa bumababa yung araw. tapos takbo agad sya ng uber fast para masave si sookie.

nako! hindi ko talaga aalamin yang kay edward cullen na yan na naging trend na kasi baka kainin ko lahat ng sinabi ko. (atleast ready ako diba?)

yun lang. bow! ang tagal ng episode7 ng trueblood. go lang ng go.

Thursday, October 16, 2008
the L-O-V-E test.
6:58 PM
you want old school? ill give you old school.

get a pen and paper. write Y, M and N. Y for yes, M for maybe...GOD! do i have to explain this?

just write a line next to your answer.

GRABE HA! tinype ko pa yan para lang sainyo. :))


  1. do you love him/her?
  2. is he/she cute?
  3. does he/she know you?
  4. is he/she special to you?
  5. are you special to him/her?
  6. does he/she smoke?
  7. does he/she drink?
  8. are you compatible with each other?
  9. is he/she friendly? (THE HARDEST QUESTION EVEERRRRR!!)
  10. does he/she like you?
  11. do you have a gap in age?
  12. will you feelings stay?
  13. do you have rivals?
  14. do you know his/her address?
  15. do you know his/her phone no.?
  16. does he/she have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  17. have you gone out together?
  18. are you close to each other?
  19. does he/she like sports?
  20. does he/she pay attention to you?

okay, to know the results.
Y- count 1, 2.
M- count 1, 2, 3.
N- count 1, 2 , 3, 4.


Y- 10

10: 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2
4: 1,2,3,1

answer is 212.
212=you're smarter than him/her (yuck! you wouldn't want this answer for sure.)

111. he/she misses you at night.
112. he/she hates you.
113. he/she is madly in love with you.
114. he/she has a crush on you.
121. he/she enjoys your company.
122. pakipot to you.
123. he/she secretly likes you.
124. you're compatible.
131. you're not compatible.
132. he/she likes your friends.
133. he/she is a two timer.
134. he/she knows that you like him/her.
211. he/she has a girlfriend/boyfriend.
212. you're smarter then him/her.
213. he/she is your future boyfriend/girlfriend.
214. he/she is your future husband/wife.
221. you are soulmates.
222. he/she is flirting with somebody.
223. he/she is smarter than you.
224. you've got a lot of rivals.
231. he/she is your first kiss.
232. you'll have a date with him/her.
233. he/she likes sports.
234. you'll have fun with him/her.

results are POSSIBLY TRUE. but please, wag damdamin. just for fun. :))

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
9:48 PM
gago ako kabored?

mamaya try ko magpost ng kwarto ko. wala pa yung kama though. bukas ko pa ililipat. makalat pa pala. aayusin ko muna.

hello! pagod na me.uhaw pa. and gutom.
4:35 PM
malabong tumaba ako this semBREAK. oo! break nanaman ang sinabi ko. para akong kargador. ngayon alam ko na ang hirap na dinadanas ng knock first.


imbis na magpagupit ako ngayon eh nagpamasahe nalang ako kay aling jo. grabe! ibang level yung HARD MASSAGE! putangina! para lang syang buhay. ganun kasakit yung dapat pagdaanan pero sa huli, ang sarap ng pakiramdam. parang gusto mong malunod sa sarap.

natawa ako sa kwento ni aling jo tungkol kay chichi.

chichi: aling AJ! pwede mo ba kaming turuan magmasahe?
aling jo: (aling na nga may AJ pa. aling aling jo.) baket? sumisipsip ka ano.
chichi: hindi po. kasi pano po pagnamatay na kayo? sino na magmamasahe samin?

grabe yung humor ni chichi. tangena! parang bata amp! PINATAY MO PA AGAD SI AJ AMP!

si AJ pala yung masahista ng buong angkan namin ever since 1983. hindi pa ko buhay nun duh! grabe! mahal na mahal kita kahit grabe yung torture na naranasan ko ngayon. para akong nasa initiation ng frat mo amp!

3:57 AM
why is this bittorrent taking so long????

to whom it may concern,
I HATE YOU! you are such an asshole and you just dont deserve any happiness in the world. you think you're cool? HELLO?????? you are a loser you gjkdhngblesjkrngileubnrgbne4rjkgnjergubnerljignekrjnvernljgknerkgeng!!!!!!

and to you, WHY BE FRIENDS WITH THAT ASSHOLE??? you disappoint me sooooooooooooooo bad. its like a chain reaction. i hate him, then i hate you too.

which sucks cause i love you.

O-M-G! its 4 in the morning.

2:03 AM
room fixie day2 isn't successful yet. i have to finish this before saturday. YIPPEE!! no more emba. :) that's like the smartest idea EVEERRR!!

anyways, this kept me sane/insane for a bit. the magic pen game. :)) if you wanna try, then do so. click the image to play the game. its fun. it made me stupid for a while. it even taught me lessons--personality test like. no time to explain.

for my break times, ive been watching the same fucking movies all over again. since yesterday, i've watched superbad(4 times), drillbittaylor(2 times), trueblood episodes(2 times), artschoolconfidential(1 time), definitely, maybe(2 times). the things just playing while i am cleaning.


i dunno, i think im on a diet. WHICH OF COURSE shouldn't happen. im too thin for a diet but fine! lets just think of it as a healthy diet shit. i told ji and teta to do the oatmeal diet and i ended up doing it instead. im freaking starving for good food. im just not in the mood for it. :(( boohoo! anyways, for dinner, i made neptune omelette for myself. in short, i ate 1/2 onion, 1 tomato, 1 can of century tuna, 2 eggs, 1/2 box of nestle cream. THE FUCK!

ewww diet!:((


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

8:25 PM
OH MY...


MUCH!!! <3

4:54 PM
for some reason, i am remembering christmas right now.

it sucks. i guess i have to deal with it. why do i hate it? maybe because of the previous things that happened to me during christmas. i wasn't happy for sure. it was empty. i love new years though. i love the fireworks and all (except for the fact that new years day is lolo's birthday. i miss you.)

what i love about christmas:

i used to love christmas. the songs, the carols. OMG! i super miss caroling with my neighbors. it was hilarious. too bad life is traumatic.

i miss you patchi. please please please come back.

4:08 PM
new hangers.


utang na loob. kanina pa ko nainom ng pulpy orange. and sumasayaw. (pagnabore ako, magppost ako ng video na sumasayaw ako. :))


2:21 PM
how come he has this blue drawer knobs and im stuck with this really fake ones only our carpenters made?

how come he has a cute blue switch casing thing and i still get this really old old 10 years old dirty white switch casing.


i need to find my 2 figurine houses, stuff toys/ pillows na plastic, uber large corky board, morano glasses, mighty bond.

remove everything not mine here. move my bed in. place the hook thingies.

move over.
2:09 PM
why i hate summers, sembreaks, and christmas breaks?



sipsip higop.
1:55 PM
heartless sabotage!!

how come he has LIGHTS on his desk? i mean, isn't that a given that when there's a desk, THERE ARE LIGHTS IN TOP OF IT? c'mon, common sense.

how come my cabinet drawers still suck? you still have to open the doors 180 degrees just to be able to pull the fucking drawers inside. he on the other hand just needs to open it 90 degrees and WALLAAH! he could grab his stuff.

i still have to investigate about this. DARN IT!

but who cares, i have a way way bigger room. pshhh!! favoritism. BLEHK!

(yuck! my dota marks are uber painful.)

Monday, October 13, 2008
the super sem break.
8:48 PM
sembreak is expensive especially when you're broke. so here i am locking myself at home for a week. something probably worth the prison break drama is waiting for the next couple of weeks anyway.

yes, i am planning loads of stuff for the break despite the fact of my brokeness. my wallet has only a hongkong dollar and some fake-ish canadian dollar, couple of useless cards (none of which is an atm or credit), few pics, and a cappuccino tag. my pandurrr coin purse on the other hand has coins that will not exceed 10 pesos.

since i've been cleaning and fixing stuff on my new room, i saw like 10 wallets---all 10 have nothing in it. quite useless. my titos and tita doesn't want to give us any "raket". my mom is thinking about it. my dad...yeah right! working for him might be a bad idea. i've search the net for the easiest way to earn money (see how desperado i am). there's this thing that you just view their online ads then you get like 10cents for every web ad available. lucky, if there are like hundreds of it in a day. you'd be rich just like that. but oh well, if you estimate it, you only earn 10 dollars a month for this. 10 dollars (500pesos) is not enough for all my needs slash wants for the break. damn it!

500 pesos would only go for the outing alone. it sucks cause this time, i hate having RK friends. i mean, THE HELL! i have to go to emba just to be with them. waste money for 2 free rum cokes and hundreds of photos with us and our party dresses. you guys are too lucky cause i miss you A LOT!!!

aside from the "events" i have to save money for, i need money for the WANTS. those are actually just room wants. i just love the fact that i have a new room with a rooftop and i could picture it to be really really cozy and stuff like that. i couldn't wait to finally sleep here. at the moment, it looks like a trash bin--only a hundred times bigger.

whatever! i dont really need all of this all at the same time.

i saw my shades collection-not a while ago, and i got this flashback on how i lost my favorite shades in the whole wide world. DAMN IT!

hey you! that is so mean. :(

1:09 PM
why i love highschool. (excerps from my 4th yr school diary.)

sobrang sabaw ni ms. hernandez. taena! :))

Sunday, October 12, 2008
10:26 PM
OMG! in hours time, im about to strikethrough mi "new room". OMG!!! OMG!! NEW ROOM!!!! im super excited about it. :)

so there, i'd be missing for two days. be cleaning/ fixing and chenesing my room. lalalalalala! i have so many plans for you deary.

SHIT!! i want to sleep na.

before i forget.

adtu: outing at cainta, rizal. 500php. october 25-26. ill be finallizing it by tomorrow.
halloween birthday party ni jin and nikkorrr on october 29 at macci's house. NO COSTUME, NO ENTRY!

4:32 PM
kailangan ko ng pera for the break. as in kailangan ko talaga. as soon as possible. please, bigyan nyo ako. utang na loob. kahit trabaho. watevs.

kung kinakailangan kong magbenta ng aliw.

please lang. i need moooneehhh!! :))


(secret love blog for more details.)

4:24 PM
in 4 days.


4:15 PM
kawawang angela. :))

i love both my party friends and true friends. :)
go figure.

4:00 PM
gusto ko lang ishare sainyo na sobra yung pagkaapektado ko sa lecheng melamin na yan. napanood ko kagabi sa tv yung buong thing about it. dati kasi narinig ko lang a bit sa tv. hindi yung entire issue kasi time is gold at may plates pa kong kailangang tapusin.

so yun nga, melamin yung ginagamit sa paggawa ng plastic. pagnatake ito ng tao, lalo na ng babies, pwede sila magka UTI or sakit sa bato. mataas daw ang nitrogen nito and may lead to death. apat na ang namamatay na babies sa china dahil dito. nakakabadtrip! kasi baket sa GATAS PA?????


favorite ko ang gatas. at ang cheese. mamamatay kayong mga naglalagay ng melamin sa gatas.

yun lang. gusto ko lang ishare.

may nakita pala akong buntis sa MRT nung isang gabi. nung pauwi ako galing sa bahay ni dad. so yun nga, may buntis na umupo sa 11 o clock ko. ang cute nya. yung ilong nya magang maga. woohoo!! ang cute super. tas namumula yung ilong nya. tas nakadress sya at leggings. magisa lang sya. yun lang.

3:16 PM
"walang taong panget, may mga tao lang na hindi uso."

thank you, lord at uso ako kahit papano.

taena! bentang benta ka chichi.

yuhhhhh r.
3:06 PM
its official. we're on our sembreak.

yan na muna as of now. :)

2:53 PM

ang sarap ng may sikreto ka. OMG!!! SUPER SUPER ANG SARAP NG FEELING! :)) lalo na kung yung sikreto mo may pagkaexciting. :)) WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! kinikilig yung mga laman loob ko sa saya.

malas nga lang paglumabas na ang sikreto mo.

DIBA PABLITO???? (nalaman amp)

pero carry lang...mapagkakatiwalaan naman kita.

mas malupet parin ang sikreto ng balay's.
(tamaan ang mga dapat tamaan.)

i lob you party friends.

Friday, October 10, 2008
sembreak do list.
12:04 AM
sembreak lalalalalaaa...tralallaalalalaaa!!

okay, yan muna. sleep na me. :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008
11:17 PM
been posting random stuff lately. oh wells. why not?

jeez! its almost friday, first day of the supposedly SEM BREAK, but since we still have adprod to submit tomorrow, i cant enjoy it still.

it sucks.

people are sleeping right now, the boys are having their inuman at dad's place yet i'm here stressing some more. I JUST CANT WAIT TO REST AND ENJOY.

still, i survived the day. i was actually thinking of suicide after the very unwanted plaster failure. slash or pills? nope. last night was the most stressful day that i could remember but i survived it. OMG! thank you, lord.

i was able to sleep at jomps during the afternoon. kinda bawi. i miss your feet with socks on it. SHIT!! i fucking hate my fettish. it is retarded.


before i forget,
HAPPY BDAY POPOY BABES! (tae ka! di ko alam na nilagyan mo yung phone ko ng alarm for your birthday nung summer. PAKERS!) i love you soooo muchie. :)

7 days to go...and it's anniversary. :) OMG! im blushing inside. my blood went all up to my head.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
11:00 PM

thank you at sinamahan mo ko kanina sa jolis. salamat din dahil di na umulan pagdating ko dun. thank you talaga. sinave mo ang araw ko.

pinasaya mo ko.

thank you.

(kailangan ko lang iblog agad dahil baka malimutan ko.)

Sunday, October 5, 2008
2:05 PM
today/tonight's sched:

5-6: go take sunset pics at the rooftop.
6-7: eat probably.
7 onwards: make pd board, study for adprac, delete files.

*get permit.
*adprac finals and reporting.
*finish lp.
*finish photo.

*print photo.
*buy pd materials (possible materials would be, styro OR plaster stuff, clay, board, whatevs.)
*start doing pd.
*start adprod.

*adprod and pd day.


Saturday, October 4, 2008
slash random.
11:47 PM
1.) some guys are just total jerks, as well as girls being natural bitches. (but i'm still pushing on the first statement). GET LOST YOU FOOO!

2.) what the heck? i mean, why so cheesy? gosh! its so annoying in a "nica doesnt want to be in love anymore because of you fugly cheesy." THAT ANNOYING! yes.

TANGENA!! soooooooooooo annoying!!! stop rubbing it in.

i really dont mind cheesy. i like cheesy. it's sweet and (insert stuff like that here) BUT THAT! hoe emm gee...ofjsijgneilbgiew!!!!

3.) i still have this "thing" about christmas. i dont want christmas to happen. :( its scares me. its lonely and really really prone to emo stuff.

top3 favorite christmas songs.
1. pasko na, sinta ko.
2. last christmas.
3. all i want for christmas is you.

SEE!! emo shit na love songs na watevs. blahblahblah!

4.) why am i still looking for that friend quote unquote right? when i know that you're already there. thing is, there are stuff about you that i am embarrassed to tell. you should get it. i mean, its too awkward although i've been actually doing it for like eversince eversince we knew each other. and i cant believe i still feel shy about it. thank god, you're still sticking with me despite of my mood swings blah blah (insert bad stuff here). thank you.

5.) thought

"iibahin ko naman, susundin ko naman ngayon ang payo nila...na marami pang isda sa dagat. ngayon sila naman ang susundin ko. para maiba naman, hindi na yung puso ko ang susundin ko. kasi ano nga ba naman ang mapapala ko? masasaktan at masasaktan lang ako."

san ko ba nakuha yan?

sa utak ko lang siguro.

6.) i want to be rich. as in filthy filthy rich. thats the only thing i could look forward to in the future. really. seriously. the funny thing is, i've been thinking about migrating lately. i know, im not really interested in living there, far far away from manila. but the thing is, there's no reason to stay anyways. corrupt government, really uberly low salary, no future. fine, family, friends makes me want to stay but still, its not enough.

give me one good reason.

i know one. and its great. it would really really change my mind.

7.) after all these stress, ADTU SHOULD (yes, should) ENJOY THE BEACH THIS BREAK. oh c'mon.

pd, adprac, lp, photo, art app, adprod.

thank you at uno kami sa addes. no sweat.

9.) hoy! wag mo kong pagpalit sa BAGO MONG PSP. \:D/

10.) god, i hated the logic finals. im sure sir didn't even think that there would be a leakage or something.

it was like this

if all A is a B is true, some B is not A is?????
if some A is a not B is false, all B is A is...
if some A is a B is true, all B is A is??
if all A is not B is false, some B is A is...???????!!!!!!!


imagine 40 items of statements you cant even understand. it looks the same but its not. its confusing. it doesnt make sense. AT ALL! darn you!

11.) pagnagkaanak ako, english lang ang malalaman nyang salita. basta FIRST speaking language nya ang english. i dont care if he fails filipino. as long as he's good in english. (bat ang sure ko na lalake sya?)


12.) okay, ayoko na umalis ng pilipinas. maghahanap nalang ako ng mapapangasawa dito para magawa na namin yung no.11. :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008
paulo jose.
12:32 AM



supladong kuripot na ayaw manlibre!

*hahaha! ayoko ilagay yung pic nating dalawa kasi ang panget ko dun. UTANG NA LOOB!

dear pogz,

wala ka parin pinagbago. unang una, nagyoyosi ka parin. hahaha! naaalala ko nung minsan naglibrary tayo, imbis na hanapin mo yung mga librong kailangan hanapin, ayun, napadpad ka sa magazines section. umupo ka sa harap ko at pinakita ng "all smiles" ang "how to quit smoking" na article. tandang tanda ko pa ang picture ng itim na lungs na tingin mo eh tulad na ng sayo.

nica: ano na ba? kamusta ka na nga pala?
nica: may pinapaiyak ka nanaman bang babae?
paul: ok lng nmn. msaya nmn sa buhay.
paul: d ako nagpapaiyak ng babae
nica: ELEL!!
nica: hindi daw!!
nica: :))
nica: kala ko ba pogi ka?
nica: diba un ang role ng mga pogi
paul: bkit mabait na pogi ako noh!
paul: yoko nkakakita ng babae na umiiyak

tae! nung una ayokong maniwala. pero talagang talaga! tandang tanda ko. ikaw lagi ang nagpapatawa sakin pagumiiyak ako sa school. bihira ako umiyak sa school noon. at lagi kang nasa paligid pagganun.

una nung umakyat ako ng stage para sa blue eagle award ko tapos pinagtripan ako ng class. grabe iyak ko nun. katabi namin table nyo nung lunch time tapos nakita mo ko. napatingin ka tapos napatingin ka uli. tinatanong mo kung baket ako umiiyak tas di kita pinansin. pagdating sa classroom, tinabihan mo ko buong time hanggang magdismissal (kahit bawal yun). pinakita mo yung baby pic mo na nakatawa ng sobra. tawang tawa naman ako. dont get me wrong ah, ang cute mo dun, seriously. nakakatawa lang kasi, yung cute na baby na yun, naging ikaw--autistic.

pangalawa nung 4th year, sa may labas ng room namin. umiiyak ako dahil sa walang kwentang bagay. tapos nasa labas ka, nakadungaw sa fence. basta kunwari fence tawag dun. tapos nakita mo nanaman ako. tapos sinabihan mo ko na wag na kong umiyak. alam ko natawa ako for a while. tas umalis ka na. gago ka talaga!

grabe! tawang tawa ako sa mga statements mo na ewan grabe! para kang tanga...tanga na may point. infairness, literal na tumatawa ako kanina sa kahit anong sabihin mo. punyemas! siguro namiss lang kita.

hahaha! aabangan ko nalang si destiny bago tayo magkita. YES! ILILIBRE MO KO! woohoo!

kahit ano pang tawag ko sayo. kahit pogz, paulo jose (paggalit ako sayo), pare, paulky or paul lang na walang arte, ikaw parin yan sa buhay ko. hindi na yun magbabago. kaya wag ka magbago kasi boring ka na pagganun. :)

i will hunt you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
7:53 PM
DL this real real soon.

*white horse- taylor swift
*crazy ever after- the rescues
*and then you-greg laswell
*never bloom again-the perishers
*jungle drum-emilliana torrini
*here comes the sun-beatles or brooke.
*tu amor-RBD
*ice cream

next time na nga yung iba. pota!

little miss whatever.
7:38 PM

yes, i'm having this for myself. sem break gift (if there's such thing as that). cant wait to wear it. mukang magagasgas tong damit na toh.