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I do consider myself a workaholic although again like what I said earlier I PROCRASTINATE A LOT. Money makes me happy. I dance and shout once I touch paper bills that are mine. And the thought of being uber rich in the future just makes me feel contentment in life. LOL!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
9:00 PM
this is what i've been doing the whole day. finally, AFTER YEARS OF WONDERING. i knew how to do this. lalala! i did lots really. too bad my photoshop died for a while, i wasn't able to save the lot.

here's a not so pretty work. the unsave ones were way way better than this.

*how many would be turned down till i feel it was all worth it?*

4:37 PM

do list.
4:04 PM
stuff to do today:

*update planner. THE WHOLE SEPT.
*junjun's gift and joyce's. (i know, too late)
*clean up laptop files.
*finish photogee. take shots at partey.
*add pics at friendsturrr. update accounts utang na loob.
*edit stuff. make a watermark.
*add fonts you got.
*burn movies downloaded.
*blog pictures.
*greet ba happy birthday. (eventhough i am 10 days late)

georgia nose.
1:41 PM


yah see??


1:04 PM
i have this really weird feeling every time i hear Christmas songs. its so ironic cause it makes me feel unhappy. para akong ginugoosebumps for some reason i couldnt explain.


i dont like it. is there any way for me to love it like i used to.

uh huh, uh huh.
9:36 AM
i cant believe im actually searching stuff for my plates. hahaha! tae! sloth powers out.

thank god my lens cap isn't lost.

that would be the scariest thing ever, after my very unfortunate camera lcd-ish scratches. i really dont listen. me stubborn child. very VERY stubborn. mother's knows best--i think. uh huh.

speaking of uh huh. taena! i'm so annoying, i said uh-huh last night for like more than 15 times. tangena! walang gamot pag annoying ka.

im hungry. brb.

Sunday, September 28, 2008
10:03 PM

isang malaking uh huh.
sana matapos.

Friday, September 26, 2008
emo me.
9:25 PM
kinakabahan ako. gusto ko syang iblog pero parang wag nalang. gusto ko sya ilagay sa secret secret love blog, pero wag nalang.

gusto ko gumawa ng secret secret secret blog na ako lang talaga may alam tas dun ko sya ipopost. pero wag nalang.

parang bumabalik lang yung noon. yung paranoid feeling, yung backstabbing na alam kong hindi nageexist. basta, putangina talaga. and ang hirap kasi hindi mo alam kung sino yung lalapitan. kasi hindi mo alam kung sino yung makikinig. wala na kasing nakikinig. lahat gustong sila yung nagsasalita (in general). napansin ko lang na ganun. kaya nga may blog eh. para kahit sabay sabay kayong magsulat, walang nagsasapawan, walang sabay sabay na nakakairitang nagsasalita. pag nagblog ka, feeling mo pinakikinggan ka, kahit na possibleng hindi. (pero hindi, mas nakikinig sila sayo dito kesa sa personal believe me).

yak! nageemo me.

pero yun nga. shet!
oh basta! sana basta. dsghjluihgnihgio;sejghoaeso. makapagtrabaho na nga lang para malihis ang utak dito.

retreat: lost and FOUND.
6:45 PM

ewan ko kung mababasa mo toh
pero bago ko makalimutan
mukang nakita ko yung bonnet
na isang buwan mo nang pinapaguilty sakin

nakita ko sa pics.
un lang.

para lang di ko makalimutan
binlog ko na.

go big time.
11:35 AM
OMIGOSH! me addicted to double cheeseburger deluxe for two weeks now i guess?

naalala ko nung highschool, i'm not really a fan of mcdonalds unlike everyone else. but there were chances that we had to order for delivery during practices and stuff. and i remember ordering the same thing ALL THE TIME--double cheese burger meal go big time, sprite and twister fries instead of the regular fries. tapos tatanggalin ko yung pickles and onion and ketchup.

ngayong college, saka na ko nawili sa mcdo (or mcdorr). pero nakalimutan ko yung lagi kong inoorder. naging nuggets with fries, sprite and extra barbeque sauce. naalala ko kung bat naging ganun na yung order ko. DAHIL KAY FRED! tae! nainggit ako sakanya. anyway, ngayon double cheeseburger deluxe na. OMG!

bat ba? gusto ko lang ikwento.

un na yung point ng entry na toh. gusto ko na ng cheese burger deluxe ngayon.

Thursday, September 25, 2008
goodmorning, nica. happy day!
10:54 AM
napansin ko lang na mas naguupdate pa yung mga lalakeng ito sa kanilang mga blog kesa saming mga babae. mas naaadik na sila. nilagpasan na nga nila yung tatlong blogs ni teta na never nang naupdate.

parang tanga lang.

pero grabe! masaya ako kasi may naguupdate parin. kahit na lahat kami eh blog leave.

naguupload na pala ako ng pics na multiply. actually, nakadrafts na except yung pics namin kahapon sa UP. hindi ko pa kasi nagagawang jpeg yung raw. kaya ayun.

nakakapagod ish kahapon. hindi kami pumasok. (sana hindi mabasa ni mama) nagphotoshoot kami sa UP (hindi ko nakita si freddy babes. epal kang historian ka! hahaha!) nagexpect ako masyado sa UP. ngayon alam ko na kung baket ako talagang talagang nagaral sa UST. nandun parin talaga ang CSA power.

teka! si chad talaga yung gusto kong pagusapan dito. ANG CUTE NI CHAD! i love you! gusto ko magpost ng pics nya dito kaso di ko pa nalilipat. sa ibang entry nalang. sana ganun kacute yung anak ko. ang cute cute nya. takot sya kay guil, tawag nya kay guil ay moomoo. ang saya nya pag nakikita nya si daddy tito. nacarry ko uli sya, sumama sya sakin woohoo! parang 7 months ago lang nung huli kong kita at carry sakanya. I LOVE YOU CHADDY!

haay. mukang puyatan nanaman toh mamaya hanggang magsembreak. PUTA!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
here comes the sun...dudundoodoo. :)
3:31 PM

me happy because of the following:

a.) nica's "best" photo got picked for the exhibit even though it was a week late for submission.
b.) definitely, maybe movie WAS SUUUPPPEEERRRR CUTE :(( it made me cry for more than 5 times. (or maybe im just super melodramatic today)

"i cant believe you smoked, and drink and was such a slut.....

but i still love you."

c.) jihan and nica's ym conversation. LOVE YOU, WIFEY. :)

3:14 PM
napagalaman ko sa isang reliable source na si stalker na matatagpuan sa adver22.blogspot.com ay hindi si stalker na nasa kakwekkwekan.blogspot.com

gusto kong matukoy kung sino sa mga sumusunod na suspects ang tunay na poser ng original stalker.

a. si stalkerdin.
b. si mog. (hindi dahil gusto ko. pero dahil sabi nya sa LTS na sinostalk daw nya ko.)
c. isang kablock na BABAE! (ewww....utang na loob)
d. isang kablock na lalake. (duh! kung hindi babae, malamang lalake.)
e. si stalker na original. (may posibility na nagsinungaling sya.)

definitely, maybe.
1:44 PM
will: i wanna marry you,because you're the first person i wanna look at when i wake up in the morning. and the only one i wanna kiss goodnight, because first time, that i saw these hands, i couldn't imagine not being able to hold them. but mainly, when you love someone as much as i love you, getting married is the only thing left to do. so will you, ummm, marry me.

april: definitely, maybe, i have to think about it.


ang saya ko at sila ang nagkatuluyan. :)

bad day.
12:32 PM
a come back after blog leaving.

FUCK! this is the happiest day of my life-NOT! after 4 months ngayon lang uli ako nagka bad day. :| or maybe im just extra uber kaduper emotional these days, especially today. the morning started so bad with a dream. a dream i should forget by tomorrow. then i realized that it's 7 in the morning already (my class starts at 7). i had no time to even doodle "happy day" stuff at our shower door. when i got to school, sir told us that he wont check the attendance anymore. (now thinking why the hell did i go to school for). sad sad i wasn't able to hang out with him. sad sad i didn't see chad. my camera got low-batt in the middle of lollipop whoring. the prettiest lollipop of mine got broken. AND ITS SOOOOPURRRRR HOTTT TODAY!

the nicest thing that happened to me was when sir picked my photo to be exhibited. got jolly for the shortest time possible.

then when i got out of the tricycle, it drizzled. my "best" photo (with no whatsoever plastic to cover it) wasn't as BEST as before.

i need to cool down. REALLY!

PS: keith has a blog now. YEYS! >:D< love you, kit. sorry kanina. :|

Thursday, September 18, 2008
11:11 AM

taena. stalker nanaman ako.


BAKET BA?!?!?!?!?! ang fun nya i-stalk eh. feeling ko celebrity yung sinostalk ko. tumatrack and field nanaman tuloy ako ngayon. buti nalang once a week lang nagaganap yun. pero napansin ko. pag di ako pinapansin ni L, biglang susulpot si C.


2 weeks lang ang itatagal ng kilig powers ni C. or more, pero bottomline, MAGSASAWA DIN AKO SAYO.


may pikon meter ako. mukang mataas tolerance ko sayo. INFAIRNESS. (pero si papa joms yung pinakamababa, alam mo naman yun papa joms.) HAHAHA! sorry, outlet.


"after that moment, the pie-maker felt a mixture of happiness and trepidation."
-pushing daisies, dummy.

yuck! di ko naman nafeel yung trepidation. (CGE NGA! ALAM NYO BA MEANING NYAN? LOL!) so dahil hindi nga trepidation nafeel ko...

"after that moment, nica felt a nixture of happiness and pother."





hell week parin to para sakin. hindi ko alam bat balak kong umalis ng umalis since wala sila ma. AMP!

11:11 AM
what's so gay about blogging? guys who blog are man enough.


DIBA? ano bang pake nyo? your opinions waste my time. SHOOOOOOOO AAWAYYYYYY!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
turn on.
7:10 PM

rest in cheese.
7:02 PM
im excited for wednesday night.

i want oil painting. :) OMG! the secret is a good brush. yippee!! :)

right now im pigging out on greenwich double mozzarella garlic pizza and the cheesiest lasagna everrrr! plus pizza dips: cheese and garlic.


i miss london's cheese strings (FYI: they really are string like.)

not really stressing out on PD. just came home from the mall.


im not depressed anymore. LOL!

2:30 PM
for the stressed, the bored and the lonely.

this might cheer you up.


blog number1:

Recently, I have been unable to fall asleep. It's like I have insomia or something. But No, it's because of this girl, a girl i met in our lts class.. armed with black and white glasses and that cute look of hers she somehow managed to penetrate my metal body and went straight right into my heart. I have been sleeping at 4am to as late (or early) as 5.30am. It went on for 2 weeks until Now. To weigh the effects, I play with my gundam toys and stare at Jenine's(the girl) 1x1 picture, its like i dont know...

blog number2:

yesterday, my friend's helper said, "Ayoko magplantsa bukas, mamamatay si Jesus eh." That's a good way of postponing your work. then it struck me. I'll do the same for my chores at home. That's a good mindset. While we were along Quezon Ave around 11pm, my friend saw the hookers waiting for clients, she said, "Holy Week, bawal ang karne." Ugh. People really say the best things during Holy Week.

blog number3:

This day is an action-packed day for me, and Indiana Jones' adventures are not even worthy to be compared to my day.. today i woke up surprisingly at 7 am! to start the day off, i drank nestle fresh milk! wouldnt yah know, the milk was everything but fresh! so i spit it all off my shirt. hell of a good start i suppose... to cool myself up, i decided to walk the dogs. 10 seconds after stepping outside my house the weather started to heat up.. and i mean HEAT UP! it was like the sun was mad at me or something. so i ended up giving my dogs a bath... turning on the computer was another bad move. after seeing a picture of a friend on YM my face turned . out of paleness i even IM'd nica to tell her what i saw... then i realized, ohhh okay. its one of those days...


"i like you but i dont like you in a way that i want to tell you something without understanding why you are a mystery to me."

i miss talking to you as constant as before.

12:57 PM
PD is so depressing. now, id rather be out than do this. how could this be?


my cd package thing is so vivid in my imagination. but since i sucked at HELE (OMG! forgot what it means) (basta HELE is yung crafts subject at CSA), i cant put this thing all together. it doesnt even look pretty now.

now, im off to SMB to eat greenwich and but stuff for PD.

renovation SUCKS! my stuff are all over the house.

no sleeping tonight.

Sunday, September 14, 2008
anak ng POSER!
3:59 PM
Miss Independent - Ne-Yo

poser ng

forget about me-little bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


no sleeping: part2.
2:51 PM
be pressured. BE VERY VERY...

*burn cd

*eleap homework

*painting 1
*painting 2

*all clear plate
*prelim plate
*plate 4
*plate 5

*CD studies
*CD actual


no sleeping tonight and tomorrow and tuesday night.


no sleeping.
1:41 PM
been dying to blog about puerto for a week now.

will be more, since i have a lot of things to do. IMPORTANT THINGS.
so important!!!

and im not doing it now.

so temptations, go away.


11:31 AM
i miss powerbooks.

i dont read. yes! i admit that. but i loooovvvvvvee powerbooks. i miss hanging out there, sitting beside new age area, laughing at some books made out of stupidity. i miss looking at those notebooks i couldn't have. i miss resting there. my back pack full of junk beside me while reading girlie books (most of them pink or red in color).

i love being around books, even though i don't read that much. books gives me this calm, secure feeling. its silence relaxing.

wee! inner peace yesterday. :)

i was really really tired after class that i almost slept standing. but when i got to powerbooks g3, geez! i was so happy i forgot how tired i was.

so there i was, looking for a book to read then i found this.

it was kind of hidden.

not that i could relate to this book, but i found it quite helpful. it gave a month full of new things to do. then there were songs to listen EVERYDAY. blah blah..

okay okay, i didnt really READ READ it. i saw the songs and listed it. since, im getting tired of my itunes.

but it was a fun book. yea yea.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
puh puh puhleezzz sing this.
9:15 PM
i am in love with this song. :((

Huwag kang matakot - Eraserheads

pagmay kumanta sakin nito...nako...hindi ko alam kung anong magagawa ko sakanya. (well, fine. depende sa tao yung kung ano yung gagawin ko sakanya.)

Huwag kang matakot
'Di mo ba alam nandito lang ako
Sa iyong tabi
'Di kita pababayaan kailan man
At kung ikaw ay mahulog sa bangin
Ay sasaluhin kita

Huwag kang matakot
Dahil ang buhay mo'y walang katapusan
Makapangyarihan ang pag-ibig
Na hawak mo sa iyong kamay
Ikaw ang Diyos at hari ng iyong mundo
Matakot sila sa 'yo

Huwag kang matakot na matulog mag-isa
Kasama mo naman ako
Huwag kang matakot na umibig at lumuha
Kasama mo naman ako
Huwag kang matakot na magmukhang tanga
Kasama mo naman ako
Huwag kang matakot sa hindi mo pa makita
Kasama mo naman ako
Huwag kang matakot

gutom na me.
6:00 PM

after mi blog addiction to "friendships"...mi blog is addicted to pandurrrs. :)


NICA= pandurrrs + lollipops + DEATH

CHARING! minus death. hindi naman ako ganun ka emo.

be blogging real soon and be posting pictures REAL REAL SOON.

para lang akong nagblog leave due to LTS and plates slash school stuff.

ji, thanks sa video pandurrr gift. :) LOVE YOU!

dghasoiejgoawjgoehnbohaehoig -nica kinikilig. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008
punyeta bored.
11:58 PM
Greed:Very Low

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008
10:53 AM
instead of doing my plates today, i have to clean up my stuff for renovation purposes. this sucks.

(sana di ako maFA sa photo. promise sir last na toh. promise ko din na di na ko mallate. 6 palang nasa school na ko pagtuesdays kung gusto mo.)

((hindi ko alam kung joke yung sinabi ko.pero maniwala nalang kayo.)

anyways, i have to go back to the attic and fix gazillions of trash.

btw, we slept at the guest room last night. super cozy, better than my lungga. and we'll be sleeping here for the rest of the renovation that's for sure.

im excited though, i want to see my room soon. :)