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I do consider myself a workaholic although again like what I said earlier I PROCRASTINATE A LOT. Money makes me happy. I dance and shout once I touch paper bills that are mine. And the thought of being uber rich in the future just makes me feel contentment in life. LOL!

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Online Portfolio!!!!! VISIT!!!
6:04 AM
It's 6 in the morning and I need to sleep. But before that, let me rant. Haha!

I haven't been updating my planner, my multiply and my facebook photos. Grabe! Nakakainis lang. Kasi dibale na di updated yung flickr eh or twitter basta ba updated yun. After tomorrow aayusin ko na. Mejo successful na yung paggawa ko sa photoblog. Next naman yung plateblog.

Visit my online portfolio: The Photo Dumpsite and leave some love. I promise not to abandon that and place really nice photographs. :)


patay na.
3:55 AM
Jeez! Just realized I havent updated my planner for a month?

HALA! I can't remember that anymore. :-S

mahal kong Y!Mail.
2:51 AM
Y!Mail has been so useful to me these days. It's because I use it a lot at work. Kailangan ko magsend ng magsend ng files kay boss. I don't remember myself before na laging nageemail talaga.

I mean there was this one time when I was in fourth year, the only way I could communicate with my friend Anton was by e-mailing him. So, once in a while I do e-mail him. Pero like once a week lang yun or so. And before pala e-mail lang din pala magagawa ko sa boylet kong si (shet! hindi si John eh pero Japanese din. Si John yung binasted ko na Half Jap-Half American na biglang naging model amp! alam ng girlies yung kwentong yun.) basta I forgot his name. Teka search ko wait. AYUN! Si Yuki Natsui. Napakapogi nung tao na yun! parang koreanovela kahit na hapon sya. So there, We e-mailed twice. Sabi nya ipagluluto nya ko ng Japanese food pagbalik nya. Pero duh! 1st year College na ko when he came back and di ko na rin nakakausap si Mako nun. Demmit! Sayang!

Walang kwenta ang e-mail ko. Use lang nya para sakin eh para may e-mail address akong malagay sa mga ginagawan ko ng accounts. Tapos finoflood lang naman sya ng mga alerts galing friendster, multiply, facebook at plurk.

Pero infairness ngayon, pacompose compose na din ako ng mail at pa attach attach ng files atleast once a day. Oo! ONCE A DAY!

Benta! Nagreminisce lang ako ng Y!Mail life ko.

Oo nga pala! patapos ish na yung photoblog ko. I'll post the link ASAP! :)
Before I forget, sa mga Dance Revo and O2Jam fanatics, I recommend Jamlegend and fun nya! Kung pwede lang gawing gitara yung laptop ko eh ginawa ko na.

Exciting! May shoot uli ako sa Monday. YIPPEE! :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009
its a must!
5:06 PM
dami naman!

RIP golda. I know we only know each other online but I hope you're happy now. Please pray for her. My CFAD plurk friends and I spent the whole day talking about this. Bad new sobra.

Golda's death on ABSCBN News and Inquirer.net

Will be visiting her wake tomorrow.

Friday, March 27, 2009
all about the mooneh!
8:09 PM
I love what I'm doing and if you'd let me rate that, I'll tell you this.

I love it so much that I don't need to get paid for doing it.

YES! that's how much. Ayoko maging hypocrite kasi I know mukha akong pera and I'd do favors as long as there's money involve. Pero tangina naman kasi. This is not WORK! This is my passion and if you can't deal with it, EAT YOUR PESOSESOSES!

Speaking of moolah, I'm getting my first pay once I have my bank account no. whatevs that I'm not aware of. I have this kiddie ATM card but never really had it with me. It's with ma so I'm super clueless on how it works blahdadidah! Pero wow! First salary excites me. FIRST OFFICIAL. Who would have thought I'd get a real job this early. Para lang syang hobby nakakatuwa. I'll be having my next project na daw after I've submitted the first set of designs. This is odd. I know I hate work but oh well, it does keep me busy during the break.

and the first salary goes to:
  • Lovelife's birthday surprise.
  • Lunch out with family.
  • Save it.
Driving school? Summer workshop? Pending mode.

ang cute namin.
1:31 PM

thanks, ji! :) you'll see more of that drawing sa new and improved secret love blog ko. :)

to all plurkistas!!
12:33 PM
It took me a while to make a plurk account. When it suddenly became popular, parang lalo akong naturnoff. I thought it's just one of those 'popculture' things. Pero since I'm easily peerpressured, ayan, I made a plurk account.

I realized how fun this is. Imagine these people are also on my ym pero I barely talk to them there. Siguro pagmay kailangan lang ako or something. Pero sa plurk na puro rants lang. Nakakatuwa lang.


I need more karma points para magkabananurrr emoticons ako.

and get this for free :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009
11:57 PM
Just got home after a long day. My legs are still annoyingly itchy after staying on the grass for 2 and a half hours straight. The shoot was exhausting really. You can tell it by simply looking at my photos from set1 to 5. My supposedly "makeup" traded places with oil and dirt and i looked really really pale.

What the heck! I had fun and I even met new friends. MORE MORE SHOOTS, TEAM. :)

first LOL jumpshot. sarap nung necklace eh. /FAIL

being a model sucks when you're asked to do stuff really odd like pretend to walk and look at the grass around as if you're snowwhite who loves nature and animals. blahdadihdah! muntik na ko magfuck you sa photographer. sorry, dino. LOL!

and last, the very much appreciated abandoned church. oo! part yan ng church. whatevs!

photos will be available for viewing in multiply real soon. SANA!
dino's site after the editing and such. yan yung not so fun set. the church shots. i'd love to see the talahib shots with mangored inspired.

kanina di ako binentahan ng yosi sa 711 because they dont believe i'm 20 and i left my ID at home. as if naman may birthday ako sa school ID ko. tangina lang. pero sabi nga ni jules, looking young. benta! whatever ka! pinatay mo parin ako kanina.

jaipur on saturday. nica on her different side. excited? yes! very much.

love, i'm giving myself a week to decide.
should i eat the steak or should i leave it cold?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
nasan ka na ba? kumain ka na ba?
9:58 PM
The blog life is alive again. WHOA! amazing friends, AMAAZIING!!

and yes, I made a new layout. Obviously.

Yiiiiii! I made Mango Float.

Now here's another photo of my straight and Brownish Reddish hair. Tangina! ang sagwa.

YES! NO! My hair is not straight again. Please! Don't upset me. LOL!

Wee! I'm excited for tomorrow's photoshoot. :)

12:18 PM

sorry gel, alam kong gusto mong ikaw si alice. hahaha! pero since goth naman si geno at 7 yan. it fits him.

when can we have it back?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
a busy summer ahead.
10:59 AM
goodluck, nica. may real work ka na.

summer will sure be busy and productive.

I COLORED MY HAIR PALA! brownish redish brownish. at straight sya ngayon. nakakadiri. my hair is LOONNNGGGGG!

mi fb mugshot. fuglehh!

wutevaah! curly hair is waaaaaaay waaaaaaaaaaaay the best idea so far.

Thursday, March 19, 2009
pandurrr shoesy.
12:27 AM

four hours ko din tong ginawa at nagenjoy naman ako.

CUTE SYA! dahil biased ako.

it ish nowt for sale. hahaha! asa pang may bibili amp!

ngayon nagiisip ako kung matutulog pa ba ako. nakakatamad sa totoo lang. parang nagwworry ako na baka may makalimutan akong dalin mamaya pagpasok pero di ko din naman inaayos ngayon. gusto ko na magbuhay donya uli.

magssecret blog nalang muna ako.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
more more to go.
5:06 PM

edited claymation. yung tama na. BOO!

dismisal na sa CFD ngayon. at wala naman palang pasok.
3:22 PM
i want to color my hair red. fine! kahit hindi naman red. pwede na reddish brownish! TAE!! dali na! teta and gel. tara na't magpakulay ng ating mga buhok.

ang gulo gulo ng kwarto ko. parang buhay lang. kahit ang desktop ko ang gulo gulo. ngayon ay kailangan ko na ilista uli ang mga dapat kong gawin para sa araw na ito.

pero bago ang lahat, dapat muna akong manuod ng gossip girl.

next week, bibisitahin kita booboo. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
tinype ko to ng nakahiga.
11:48 PM
malapit na magsummer. naalala ko two weeks ago, panay isip ko sa mga dapat tapusin within the week tapos napansin ko kanina, kahit na ba hindi pa talaga tapos ang taon, eto ako at ang gagawin na sa summer ang iniisip.

marami na akong gustong gawin. ewan ko ba? nakakatanga na din kasi. sa nahuling dalawang buwan ng pasukan, eh its either nasobrahan ako sa tulog o wala akong tulog. madalas ko na din uli naeexperience ang pagtulog sa mrt at ang biglang kaba sa paggising na akala eh nakalagpas nako ng ayala. okay lang naman makalagpas sa totoo lang, nakakatamad nga lang maglakad ng malayo papunta sa jeep.

madaming perang nagastos, mga oras na nasayang dahil inuna ang pagkain O adprac, marami din nakilala, madami ding mga come and go, madaming pinipilit pabalikin (hahaha! ayan nanaman ako, sinesegway ko na paunti unti yung emo shit ko.) pero infairness lang, nakakaraos din. dahil jan, kailangan ko ng prize.

hmm...ano ba yung gusto kong prize? hahaha! HEHEHE! (joke! tae ka louie. kinorrupt mo na utak ko.) (oo, khan! KINORRUPT)

ang sarap din ng buhay ko ngayon na ayokong sabihin kung anong klaseng buhay sya kasi badword yun para sakin. basta masaya lang.

pero yun nga, ilang araw nalang...wala nang adtu na mauuwian sa umaga. mamimiss ko kayo. ngayon palang miss ko na kayo pero nakakatamad talaga pumasok bukas. may thursday at saturday pa naman eh.

pero pagdating ng saturday, ewan ko nalang. sana lumabas tayo na tipong LAHAT tayo nandun. hindi yung puro kami kami nalang. BLOCK NGA EH! nakakastress.

kanina kasama ko sya. grabe yung ngiti ng puso ko amp!

infairness si PD box, 2hours working time lang. hahahaha! pwede na ko maging factory worker.
pero tangina lang talaga yung claymation ko. di na nga maupload dito, di pa tama yung gawa ko.

Monday, March 16, 2009

2:17 AM
hindi ko maintindihan tong animation na toh! 2 am na! wala pa kong nauumpisahan. hahaha! punyemas! nakakatamad na tuloy pumasok.

eto, inuna ko tuloy yung claymation pero nakakakaba. ayokong makita ng iba yung gawa/ginagawa/gagawin ko sa claymation. TAE TAE TAE! pero dito lang kasi ako gaganahan eh. kaya ito yung gagawin ko.

parang tanga yung prodshot ko. hahaha! parang gago lang si chichi eh. hahaha! pero infairness ang cute nung shots. pwedeng pangfriendster. hahaha! cheap amp!

gusto ko na matapos itong mga gagawin.

5am na. claymation lang nagawa ko.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
hello. goodmorning, sunshine! may i rant for a while?
4:05 AM
It's 4 in the morning and my sleepy cells are not in the mood for any more slumber. This is my very courage attempt to blog at an IE. Very brave act there, Nica. Well, for those who don't know, my bloggy never works on IE and I'm just so blog thirsty as of the moment. I just need a little "break". Whatever, I post tonight (this morning) won't be read by self until we finally get back our wifi connection.

I can't believe it's just now that I get to realize how cool my course is. Now that I am in 3rd yr and NOW that the dooms summer days are near. Summer reminds me of well, decisions. Decisions I shouldn't regret. YES!

Again, I'm back on the 50-50 "to thesis next year or not to thesis next year, that is the question." As I was doing nothing yesterday, my brain functioned for a while and some evil conscience whispered this to me, "Nica, ayaw mo ba ng Yearbook with your blockmates and batchmates?" OH NOES! my weakness! Photographs, Memories, Adtus = NICA'S NO.2 WEAKNESS! BOOHOO! Now, I am thinking. Shut up!

This is so not enjoyable. I am glancing at my laffy (laptop) right now and the my computer window is staring at me. I just freed like 30GB tonight because some trojan virus kept on eating my hard drive space again. WTF! I hate those useless anti-viruses. USELESS USELESS! Anyway, I placed all my videos and photos on my external hard drive. Although my videos doesn't exist laffy-wise, my photos are still there. Still deciding whether to keep it at both or remove some to free more more space. The past few days are days where in I felt/feel/will feel as if my laffy is worthless. It is, believe me. NO PHOTOSHOP CS3 (stupid 30day trial). NO MSWORD2003 (stupid virus. I had to reformat my laptop. and reformat it again since you trojan came back.) NO MEMORY SPACE (fucking virus!!!). NO INTERNET/WIFI (FUCKING GLOBE AND/OR SMART BROADBAND! YOU, USELESS, YOU!) Well, msword, internet (not wifi) and memory space were solved a while ago but my photoshop isn't fixed yet. Turns out the pirated CD's my mom bought me were SOOOO PIRATED. gawd!

So anyways, I stayed up late because of the following:

Oh how I wish I could go auto-pilot starting today until all the stuff I have to do are done. I don't care what you do auto-pilot, as long as you don't make me feel this Über with a smiley stress galore.

Love, take me away. Hurry!

Mi Ruffles and dip are left untouched. Whatever! This ends my rant for this morning. Won't be home tomorrow for Adprac. Send all your goodlucks to us. OUT! Painting mode.

Monday, March 2, 2009
di na napigilan ipublic.
11:20 PM
nakakamatay itong mga nahuling araw/linggo. mahirap makahanap ng oras para sa lahat ng bagay. nagiiba bigla yung mga priorities. himalang naihuhuli ko yung pinakaimportanteng bagay/tao para sakin. wala naman din akong magawa. nauuna ngayon ang pagaaral, sumunod ang mga ipinangakong mga pagsama sa mga kaibigan. wala nang oras para man lang magkamatinong usapan kasama ng pinakaimportanteng bagay/tao sa buhay ko.

oo na fine! TAO SYA!

kung ano man, alam ko parin na magtatagpo din tayo uli. maiintindihan mo din sana yung mga bagay na sinasabi ko na ubod ng gulo. pero sa ngayon, kita kits nalang muna sa beato.

(secret blog mode)