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I do consider myself a workaholic although again like what I said earlier I PROCRASTINATE A LOT. Money makes me happy. I dance and shout once I touch paper bills that are mine. And the thought of being uber rich in the future just makes me feel contentment in life. LOL!

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

2:30 PM
i wanted to model for the fashion show so bad but i guess i wont be able to make it. ive got piles and piles of work to do and instead of doing them (insert procrastinator lines here.)

another thing scares me, i guess ill be having my thesis next year. i still have months to practice. jeez! to much for enjoy life. its december and everything just goes too fast. next thing we know, im having my thesis. holy crap! i need to learn how to make that fucking book. i cant just depend on anyone.

i promise myself to post pics on multiply first before i do place some here.

i have a lot to say but im just running out of words. crapnut!

save it for later.

sorry, keith! my bad. :|

Saturday, November 29, 2008
6:10 AM
the photoshoot went great last night. it took us almost 5 hours to finish. but really, it was more to what i had expected for. RAWR! it was sooooooo fun!

sana next time madami na kami. :)

thanks ate dail for making it possible and guil of course for introducing us to her.

pics to follow.

i love you loves. :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
11:44 PM
sorry if i keep on doing this to you
it goes round and round like a cycle
why do i keep on asking myself why you dont trust me?
how can i be so stupid for not even knowing?
you give me chances
a million of them right infront of me
and i bring you down even single time
and it makes you sick
and i do too
im so sick "why do i do this to you?"
and i cant believe that this time
i let others take my place
people you dont know
people who might be better than me
but with a 50-50 chance of screwing up just like i did
and its scary if they dont
cause you might trust them instead of me
and its scarier if they did
cause it'll be all my fault in the end
and it'll be as depressing as now
so let me prove to you something


i dont want to be like the others
i love you so much and this makes me feel guilty
i'll help you out with this one
lets not trust other people with this
i want you to trust me
like the way you used to

i should better keep my word.

Sunday, November 23, 2008
sa wakas.
4:58 PM
ayos na ang pump namin. namimiss ko na ang pagligo sa taas at ang mainit na tubig na nagmmoist sa shower doors. makakapagdrawing na uli ako ng "happy day!" at ng stick people sa shower doors. hoe emm!

may basurahan na din ako sa kwarto at color orange pa sya. hindi na magmimistulang basurahan ang buong kwarto ko. (ish) fun fun! maraming nagagawa ang basuhan eh. para yang kaibigan, laging maaasahan.

buti at tapos na ang pinaka walang kwentang CFAD week sa balat ng balat ko. imbis na pumasok ay ninais kong mapirme sa bahay para hindi ako gumastos. turns out eh wala rin namang gagastusin dahil WALA NAMANG STALLS. mas ninais ko pang gumawa ng plate o manuod ng gossipgirl sa leftef ko. mas ninais ko pang tumambay sa mayrics dahil mas masayang uminom kesa sa tumambay sa mga pavs na mas marami pa ang tumatambay pagnormal lang na araw.

aragay talaga!

happy belated post.
2:38 PM
this is the least i can do--for now of course.

dear kuya,

alam mo naman kung gano kita kamahal diba? thank you for always ALWAYS being there for me kahit sa ym lang (ngayon syempre) pero in years alam kong physically present ka uli. 3 birthdays narin ang naccelebrate ko with you and in the future madadagdagan pa yan. :) leche! babaguhin ko na yung mga ibibigay ko sayo. :))

abangan mo yung album mo sa multiply ko. pero sa malamang wala pa yun dahil busy busihan pa ko kunwari. :)

at speaking of busy, kahit busy tayong pareho eh anytime pwede mo ko text or ym or whatever. hahaha! the usuals. basta always there ang drama. :)

ayoko maglagay ng cheesy stuff eh. magbabadingan nanaman tayo nito. alam naman nating sweet natin masyado sa isa't isa. baka langgamin si bloggy. alam mo na yung mga gusto kong sabihin. :)

dadating din yung araw na pupuntahan kita dyan. at ililibre mo ko ng choco frap. \:D/

AYLAbyu kuya!


Friday, November 21, 2008

10:28 PM
blog leave.

until i find time to do so.

Monday, November 17, 2008

11:15 PM
totally not going ga-ga over the CFAD week. what's wrong with me?

blog leave.

joke! bukas magbblog ako.

Friday, November 14, 2008
ironic: hindi yung boy at girl.
8:32 PM
i just bought a panda bank a while ago. im really not sure if i regret buying it since i am saving. the ironic part was, i spent a hundred and thirty pesos for something that should keep my savings.

anyways, it was a long day.

i arrived school at 630 am. the ironic part again was, I HAVE NO CLASSES TODAY BUT I CAME EARLIER THAN EVERRR! we watched the basketball games opening and umepal kami with the cfad team group pics. :)) BENTA!

*oo teta, baka icrop tayo sa image OR iblur OR papatungan ng smiley yung mga mukha natin.

basically, i spent the whole morning with teta. hahaha! i know, really not good for the health but oh wells, for old times sake. I MISSED THE PAVS :(( big time. first time uli after a sem na nakatambay uli kami ni teta ng ganun katagal sa pav. huhuhu!

after school, jomp (aka. serena vanderwoodsen) and i went to greenhills to meet up with ji and bombee. bought back issues for photogee plates. AND I FORGOT TO BUY CELLOS--AGAIN! :(( then, we went to trinoma to buy my pandabank. :)

long long day. and im uber poor. fucker! yung mga may utang sakin bayaran nyo na ko!

tae! hindi kaya ito yung point ng blog ko tonight. ETO ANG POINT NG BLOG KO TONIGHT.

eto na promise.

MAGTTRABAHO NA KO. :| para magkapera. i think i can manage with the sched we have and the sleeping disorder which i am currently having. AJA!

sana lang ay di ko biguin ang sarili ko. LALALALA...

Thursday, November 13, 2008
life's a bitch.
10:59 PM
let me emo for a while..

I MISS GENO. and it feels so empty without him. hindi ko alam but this past few days/weeks, i just cant stop myself from thinking about him. parang every single day imposibleng di ko sya maalala. especially this sem where in (i bet my life) he'd super enjoy every single subject. fashion pa kami lalo and animation. he'll love love that.

grabe, in love na ata ako sayo, geno. hahaha!

"and i cant...get you out of my head..." lalala...

i miss you, bitch! :((

balik na ikaw. please!

no one knows fashion like you do.

hate letter.
10:45 PM
utang na loob.
hindi ko talaga maisip kung pano mo nagagawa yun.
mahigit isang daang kapangitan ang kinakalat mo sa mundo buwan buwan.
pero ang hindi ko lalong maisip eh kung baket

kung makakacomment lang ako,
eto ang sayo...

"tangina! ang panget mo!"

pag nagkataon, WHEW! what a relief, nica.

iba parin ang epek.
10:42 PM
"hindi kita gusto!


-echo (kahit isang saglit)

taena ka echo! laglag panty. *sigh sigh*

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
when should i be doing plates?
9:18 PM
im officially officially kulot now. :D *happy happy*

anyways, no pic yet. i have to get it from jihan.

hmm, srsly, i thought this week would suck because of the previous sucky events that i didnt post. but oh wells, still, it wasnt. optimist that i am. \:D/

sheesh! i can feel the stress already. darn it! i cant believe im not working. tangina! this is bad.

whats worst is, i cant blog long. PSHHHH!

fine, i have a confession to make, my long blog entries are in secret love blog and another secret blog. really really long. darn it!

weee! may kapalit na manly place samin. mayrics na. its really nice to just chill on one place. i miss manly place. :| but i miss GENO more. where the hell???? fashion na oy! dapat di ka umalis. :((

yes yes! i've been saving. :)
i think im good at it cause i starve myself just to have mooneh.
goal is to save atleast 800 a week. WTF! (i know its impossible but hey! you'll never know)

nica's ways to save:

*pero tangina, june! i wasted 153 pesos for an okuya express meal. this sucks! huhuhu! no more MOA-ing with you. LOL! joke lang! labyu.

Saturday, November 8, 2008
pundidong ilaw.
9:59 PM
it was a 3 minute walk home but it felt like it was endless.

it was dark.
it was raining.
it was lonely.

now i fucking need an ice cream therapy. (i know it's for broken hearts, but let me.)

happy graduation, jomp. i should have stayed there for the night. tangina! badtrip mode!


1:00 AM
It's 1 in the morning and I'm still awake. WTF? I woke up at around 5:30 in the afternoon and now I have a trouble sleeping.

and the DVD's keeps me awake. Not even productive.

I should be doing something. Like, finishing a plate or my fixing my planner OR MY ROOM or cook food since I'am hungry (probably Tuna Omelet). This is crazy. I need to sleep on the right sleeping time. My body clock is soooo WTF right now.


I've been dosed with Memo Plus Gold for almost a week now and I don't know if it's working. whatever. I might help myself by using post-its. In like forever, my room would be filled with it. Now, I need good quality post-its. The ones that sticks well on walls.

Nige now has an I-pod shuffle and a silver watch from Techno Marine for his Confirmation. I never had such gifts when I was Confirmed. Not even a single one. Jeez! Parents should treat us for dinner tomorrow night or I'll go crazy.

Glad Papa's foot is okay now. He went somewhere yesterday. We can eat out. \:D/ I'm still craving for Yellowcab though. Roasted Garlic and Shrimp.


Thursday, November 6, 2008
2:22 AM
this is so frustrating. i am watching 3 dads and 1 mom right now. and the cd was dubbed in chinese or whatever language. it doesnt sound korean. it frustrates me cause i love hearing koreans speak. they have this accent i really enjoy hearing. and now this.

im not enjoying at all. darn it!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
all out of love.
12:00 AM
before i go to sleep (i am more than 24 hours awake and counting), i promised myself to blog this.

years ago, i first fell in love with this guy i used to call harry. james franco, one of the prettiest guys in the world. i only see him in spiderman movies and despite the unlovable role he has, it didnt hinder me from falling deeply in love.

now, im thinking twice.

if you are as well in love with him from his previous films, THEN PLEASE DONT WATCH PINEAPPLE EXPRESS! damn it! my dream boy became a nightmare. :( sad sad.

promise! this photo is still kind of acceptable. i just couldnt find a really hideous one online. believe me, now i'm having doubts whether to still like him or not.

my favorite part of the movie though was the last part at the diner. it was a LOL.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008
2:58 AM
a blind item i will never tell.

you stand out from the crowd
cant get you out of sight
three years ago was full of pain
then you came like a light

looked all over for you
can you give me a clue?
frankly, you were hard to find
can you be true?

on that building where the angels are
i saw you standing
you come out every 4 in the afternoon
then when are you leaving?

then a glance and a nod came
in the middle of the sun
now the games starts
wouldnt it be fun?

can you believe
it was nicer than you think
but in just 5 seconds
it was gone in a blink

now three years came
so fast, it was crazy
you want me back on that building
where the angels were lazy

this is me.
2:41 AM

this part explains why i keep on watching this movie. i super love that part when shane (joe jonas) looked at mitchie (demi lovato) 0:43. im super super in love with joe. even though he wears skinnies. so gay! but anyway, he still makes me feel giddy. :)

the last parts sucks though. i mean the last part of the movie. the girls suck! LOL!

killing time.
2:23 AM
currently watching camprock for the third time. hoping to feel good since it is a really feel good kinda movie.

it's 2:26 am and schools up in four and a something hours. i dont know if i'll sleep. it feels like first day of classes and i have to start this right. darn it!

"walang kaibi-kaibigan." LOLS.

my rich days are back and i'm planning to save up for the holidays and summer in advance (the guys are planning for puerto and that is for sure expensive)((jeez! i just went there months ago, didnt i?)

still im having a hard time dealing with my hair. i still want the curls but it'll take time to be perfect perfect. im still figuring it out.

yes, i'm wasting my time--wasting your time. i want to do something else aside from watching. i want to write or fix my stuff or play tekken or jeez! i have no idea.

from my facebook notes.
play hotel 626.
te's uber late birthday letter.
watch trueblood ep.8
continue watching sex and the city.
print planner pics. :)

shit! i'm sooo lazy and unproductive and a plus plus procrastinator forever.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

10:54 PM

okay. di ata ako papasok bukas. :|

slash random: part2.
6:17 PM
FINALLY!!! kailangan ko pa bang iexplain kung baket finally??? grabe! kay tagal kitang inantay memo plus gold. hahaha! sana ay makatulong ka talaga saking mga kakulangan. WEENA!! may memo plus gold na ko. :)) thank motherhoods dahil binilhan mo ko. :)

kahapon, rather kaninang madaling araw hanggang 9am, nanunuod ako ng sex and the city (season4 na ata ako) habang nagpphotoshop tapos ang saya ko. ginagawa ko ung holga effect (holga yung isang type ng lomocam na pinagipunan ko dati) sa mga photos. nakakaaliw sila tignan. nakakakiliti sa mata. :) yun lang bow.

yan pala si pandurrr at yung friends nyang sila turtle at girafee. :)) lecheng facebook.

MAY NICKELODEON NA KAMI ULI SA CABLE! :(( iyak na ko. ever since naging paranaque cable kami (which was a really REALLY long time ago) nawalan na kami ng nick, myx (yung hindi lang sa studio 23) at cinema one na pareparehong malapit sa aking puso. isang malupitang goodnews ang aking nabalitaan nung may nick na kami. grabe old school sobra! walang tatalo sa nick (hindi lang dahil biased ako dahil katunog ng pangalan ko pero dahil favorite ko talaga lahat ng palabas nila noon). WOOHOO! gusto ko ng cinema one. yun nalang kulang. gusto ko mapanood si jolina at marvin uli. :))

may pasok na daw bukas. epal!

first time din pala na di kami nagpuntang sementeryo ng undas (hahaha! undas talaga lagi kong ginagamit dahil yun ang tawag sa news). nakakapanibago. miss ko na si lolo. :(( epal nga eh! dapat magbbaguio kami pero di natuloy kasi namaga yung paa ni father. di sya makalakad ng maayos. so yun, di na nga kami natuloy sa baguio, di parin kami nagpuntang sementeryo. nakakapagtaka ng uberness. i love you lolo.

baket ganun? naiisip ko lang sya pero naluluha ako lagi? sobrang mahal na mahal kita lolo jack. miss na kita i-hug at i-kiss. :(

Saturday, November 1, 2008
i am an addict.
4:38 AM
sorry bloggiee.

i totally forgot about you today. i was too busy facebooking. OMG! its so addicting. i went trick or treating on facebook today. and whatelse? got the chance to talk with highschool friends. its actually faster than friendster. i even made fluff friends: pandurrr, turtle and giraffee (still hoping someone would give me the mini mini unicorns.

anyways, i've been looking for this song for months. and i cant believe it was this, migraine by moonstar88. i saw this video last year pa because of lester. and i saw it again because of him. aside from the really cool holga effect the video is showing, the song is just perfectly perfect.


LOL ka, od. bffs. :)

tekken or taken?