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I do consider myself a workaholic although again like what I said earlier I PROCRASTINATE A LOT. Money makes me happy. I dance and shout once I touch paper bills that are mine. And the thought of being uber rich in the future just makes me feel contentment in life. LOL!

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Thursday, December 25, 2008
cram time.
1:52 AM
fuck! since its christmas already, TIME TO CRAM!


dec 26:LP
dec 27-jan 1:addesign comics,storyboard
photo reportage,24studies
PD studies and template
fashion casual and fashion show

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
merry christmas, darling. :)
9:56 PM
currently eating a half gallon of cheese flavoured ice cream to kill the christmas eve time. and sort of worrying of having a brain freeze in 10 minutes or so.

i did spend most of my christmas vacation in hospitals than at home or at the malls. i think we all did spend more time inside hospital rooms (we meaning most of blockada). but for some odd reason, i did enjoy it than staying at home wondering if our internet's back. i was killing myself with boredom, staring at my LP painting and doing nothing else but just stare.

i was home alone last night. if you count the fact that i was with 7 dogs then i wasnt alone. i was a disaster. i left all the dogs out of their cages downstairs then went up to my room and tried to stare at my LP canvass hoping that the staring might actually finish it. when i got down for dinner, THERE WERE POOPSIES AND PEES EVERYWHERE. (that includes our new sofas)

i will no longer wonder why manay and ate adel hates their job. LOL! they take care of us and 7 other family members.

and again it was boring. being alone at home is uberly boring. plus there was no internet connection the whole yesterday (fucking smartbro), no psps (my brothers brought it with them), and the saddest part of all...no dinner for me. all ive got were dogs and plates to stare at.

i dunno if im making sense here.

50 more minutes before xmas.

had the best christmas eve-ish this year. *wink wink* i love you. you gave me the gift i wanted. RAWR!

Sunday, December 21, 2008
2:16 PM
i find it hard to blog these days. things are better off said than typed. but when it is said, its never constant.

the past 3 days were tiring, emotional and special.

its never bad to walk. unless you're wearing your 2 inch stilettos and have to walk the streets of divisoria. good thing i was wearing my chucks then when teta and i went there for the second time this week. we did glue ourselves at 168 to avoid the sweaty people and well ofcourse aircon > humid air of manila.

paskuhan was quite boring. who am i to comment on this? we actually placed our butts on the grass in front of the pavs. annoyed ourselves with the emcees who kept on talking nonsense. the sight of a group of fag cross dressers wearing their ultimate teta shorts, highcut boots and pink skinny jeans with matching cowboy bolero vests entertained us very well. the fireworks were incredible. good thing i didn't bring my tripod with me or else i wouldve missed it cause i was too busy peeking at my lens.

dramas dramas dramas.

someone made it extra extra special. i knew it would be perfect with its imperfections. i cried two times. :) it was cold and hot at the same time.

btw, as always, globes signal was fucked up third time in a row. that's why i hated paskuhan. the thing i loved about it though is when fate just brings you all at the same place without the help of cellphones.

a bunch of weirdos were together for the night. i did sleep well.

someone got drunk seconds after a shot of el hombre. jeez! LOL!

i spent most of my yesterday at the hospital. poor durrrd. get well soon. got home the usual time. good thing 'rents werent there yet. no sermons.

tangina! im piled up with plates. gotta finish it all before heading off to hongkong. RAWR!

i'll miss you, loves. :)

Friday, December 19, 2008
christmas partey-ish.
8:01 AM
dahil mababaw ang kaligayahan ko. i did enjoy yesterdays so called "christmas party".

uber rich mam gigi treated us for kfc. YES! the whole block who were early for the morning did have KFC for breakfast. YIPPEE! we love you mam. :) then i gave the girls their gifts. lavet lavet! (BRO! ikaw lang wala akong pic with the notebook.)

jinny gave us pixy stix. nilagay namin sa sprite. infairness masarap sya.

kris kringle this year was way way better than last year. siguro nakaepekto din dun yung classroom. ewan! whatever nica. talkshit ka!

WEEE!! HAPPINESS!! :) and i got a really big panda stuffed toy from my mommy at kriskringle. thanks tanie twin. :) UBER CUTE!!! ang magiging pangalan nya eh...PANDURRR! hahaha! tangina! lahat ng panda ko eh pandurrr ang pangalan. except si jingjing kasi jingjing naman talaga pangalan nya sa olympic shit ng mcdo.

iyak ako five times.

gossipgirl: nabasa ko na yung letter mo sakin.
me: awww...(hug)
me: nagwork naman diba? naging close na tayo. :) (hug uli)
gossipgirl: kaya kita ni red kasi nahihirapan akong iapproach ka pero gusto talaga kita maging kaclose.
me: WAAAAAAH!! (hug uli at naiiyak na)


"i like you but i dont like you in a way that i want to tell you something without understanding why you are a mystery to me."
-keith espinoza. LOL

Sunday, December 14, 2008
9:00 PM
to believe or not to believe

that is your choice.

i will believe it when i see it.
so show it to me.


Friday, December 12, 2008
is not my two front teeth.
2:04 PM

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

NOT the grown up christmas list. (parinig sa mga mabubuting tao in the world wide web)
my grown up christmas list

hey dear, listen carefully. :)

true love.
1:54 PM

nothing beats the original.

i feel asleep while watching the first part of little mermaid last night. it is, was and will be my ultimate favorite disney movie and princess EVERRR!! watching it again this morning (AFTER MORE THAN 10 YEARS. i guess) felt so...felt totally opposite from what i felt way back when i was a kid. if i could just remember the last time i did, maybe i was just happy all throughout the movie. like a normal kid.

but this morning, i cried watching the little mermaid.
i cried like a kid.

i felt so emotional. that bitch ursula, the innocent ariel, the hot eric, and the poor king triton who loved his daughter so much.

TRUE LOVE! the magic of true love.

prince eric is, was and will forever be my disney prince crush and ariel is, was and will forever be my favorite disney princess.

Monday, December 8, 2008
this is sooo random.
9:19 PM

yes, i am planning to cram for tomorrows plate. the hell.

so finally, i have the cure for this insect bite that found home on mi lower lippy. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY. lesson learned: stop eating on your bed.

no sleeping for me tonight. how i wish i do have gossip girl season 2 playing to keep me sane for the morning. my room is so zen ish. i now have my gifts for block girls and a pack of masking tape. masking tapes are such essentials. woohoo! can wait to fill my wall with photographs and such.

what else?
havent updated my planner yet. jeez!

and and...sm fairview is so far. :(( cry cry!

but it was fun i guess, it would've been fun if some things didn't happen.


i love my new doctor-ish. so fun!

dont forget mama's bday on wed. and errr...what else? hummm hummm...i hate my ipod. headaches galore.

8:42 PM
hello there.
kung kelan wala akong balak magstarbucks planner, eto ka at bumulaga sa aking umaga.
ang deep ng blog entry na toh.

Sunday, December 7, 2008
do list.
10:48 AM
must must this week!



Friday, December 5, 2008
2:29 PM

for dear loves who watched Rec with me a million times, you must watch this.

mas pinahaba nila and hot yung fireman na bida. LOL! mas maganda lang ang attic part ng Rec kesa sa quarantine.

LOL! benta pa din si james. sumisigaw sa movie house. :))

Wednesday, December 3, 2008
this is embarrasing.
6:12 PM
the thing about having lots of accounts is really really frustrating. and aside from it being frustrating, once in a while you'd get this adrenalin rush whatsoever or that feeling you'd puke (pyuk) anytime because of some stupid post you made THAT SHOULDNT BE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE BUT BECAUSE YOU HAVE A DOZEN OF ACCOUNTS, YOU MISTAKENLY PLACED IT THERE.

the entry before this (before i deleted it) wasnt supposed to be here. and to those who saw it WHO SHOULDNT BE...are just lucky.

handling 4 blogspot accounts is such a bad idea.


Monday, December 1, 2008
cutest smile.
8:21 PM

jupiter and venus up in the sky. made my night. but after the 15 minutes of fame, it was gone and hid behind the shanties of the south.

i feel so workaholic today and the following days to come.

some good news for nica's soul, papa hired me as the book illustrator thingy which is so not me but for the sake of money i will be. drew as he told. nothings bad with following. GO WORLD PEACE.

baby thesis excites me. OH YEAH! :)

i wasted 320.
2:17 PM

a very unbiased review of twilight from a non fan.

i annoyed jomp for days to watch twilight with me. personally, i am not a fan of twilight or vampire love stories in general. but because of curiosity, i wanted to know why this thing became such a popculture quote unquote.

the first part of the movie bored me to death ( i dunno if jomp enjoyed it. i didnt.) it lacked a lot of things. sound effects on boring parts were non existentent (made it even more boring). special effects were good to be fair. watching the movie was like reading the book--only the book seems better.

95% of the movie house crowd were laughing at some scenes which made it very obvious for them that i didnt read the book neither did jomp.

edward looked so gay. his lipstick was darker than bella's and he glitters. LKE WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR? i loved him when he was cedric diggory at harry potter. now, he's just this gay vampire who glitters on my head.

i love the baseball part though.

the movie was a laugh. the trailer was good plus the baseball part. the rest was a laugh. bombee's dad was there too. LOL! TANGENA! walang kilig scenes. FUCKER!

if you want to watch the movie and actually enjoy it, read the book first.