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I do consider myself a workaholic although again like what I said earlier I PROCRASTINATE A LOT. Money makes me happy. I dance and shout once I touch paper bills that are mine. And the thought of being uber rich in the future just makes me feel contentment in life. LOL!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009
happy bente na me day.
1:21 PM
the birthday blog.

5 more days and tick tocking.

yearly since i started college, it has been a tradition that i (LOL! TRADITION! feeling ko ako si blair. hahaha! lahat nalang tradition sakanya. teka joke lang!)

dahil ako ay tatanda nanaman. meron akong wishlist na sana ay matupad. hihihi! :)

LOL! yes naman hindi ako materialistic ngayon. mature na ko kunwari dahil nasa BENTE CLUB na din ako na si gel ang president. :))

i just want to be with the best people i know.


11:16 AM
it's official.

1 week of dial-up connection makes me nostalgic. please! oh, please! i need my wifi back. my tv addiction days came back and i barely open my laptop (for internet card saving purposes).

anyways, i dont even know if this blog entry would publish. if yes, then good.

for blog updates sake, i'm telling you a few things i've been hooked to for the past few days.

letter to self:
nica, di ka na pwedeng mag-cut o magabsent sa kahit anong subject. get that?

Friday, January 16, 2009
9:58 PM
now im starting to hate vista. for so not very obvious reasons. you have to know the hidden facts before you'd actually curse this thing.

if i were you, get an xp until this thing really works out.

gawd! they think people shit money? i wish.

is through his stomach.
8:16 PM
currently taking a break after the almost 8 hours of food photo taking.

im just thinking of what to do once i finish it tonight. im done with gossip girl season2. im absolutely not in the mood for reviewing adprod or psych or proeth either (since i really dont have any idea what we took up there). not in the mood for lp either. or maybe ill try to look for a decent reference something not exposed as the first plate i did which is the evil angel showing off his chorva (but honestly it was the best painting ive made in my life i could sell it for a million *kidding*).

maybe i should waste time here first.

food photography is amazing. i have always been dreaming of taking up culinary arts for college. what stopped me is the love for real art and social life. social life? yes! go figure.

today, it was just so so unexplainable. my emotions are just so filled up with sweet stuff as well as my stomach. a house filled with different desserts is the living hansel and gretel heaven. i should really post photos of what i took later tonight.

well yeah, i just wanted to share this cause im obviously bored and im trying to kill time.

time is dead now. i should go back to work.

Friday, January 9, 2009
ipad shapol.
4:09 PM
If your life was a movie, what would the songs in your OST be?

So, here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play. For every question, type the song that's playing.
4. Pick a line from the song that might be the BEST line incorporated with your "scene".
5. When you go to a new question, press the NEXT button.


Movie Title:
Halaga (Parokya ni Edgar)
Siguro ay hindi niya lang alam ang iyong tunay na halaga."

Opening Credits:
I love you always forever (Donna Lewis)
"Say you'll love, love me forever
Never stop, not for whatever ."

Waking Up:
Fixing a broken heart (Christian Bautista)
"Then like an answered prayer
I turned around and found you there."

Getting Bullied:
Friday im in love (The Cure)
"monday you can fall apart
tuesday wednesday break my heart."

Seeing your Crush:
Love Today (Mika)
"Everybody's gonna love today, gonna love today, gonna love today."

Seeing your Ex:
Smile like you mean it (The Killers)
"Save some face, you know you've only got one."

Embarrasing Moment:
Sweetness (Jimmy Eat World)
"And I'm still running away (echo)
Whoa, Whoa
I won't play your hide and seek game (echo)
Whoa, Whoa"

Falling in Love:
Too many walls (Cathy Dennis)
If I could change the way of the world
I'd be your girl

Better Days (Dianne Reeves)
"But tonight she was slightly, remarkably, different somehow."

Normal Day:
I turn my camera on (Spoon)
"I turn my camera on."

Breaking Up
One step closer (Linkin Park)
"I cannot take this anymore
I'm saying everything I've said before."

Having a Mental Breakdown:
Afternoon Delight (Seals and Crofts)
Gonna find my baby, gonna hold him tight
Gonna grab some afternoon delight

Pocketful of Sunshine (Natasha Beddingfield)
"Take me away, a secret place, a sweet escape, take me away."

Having Regrets:
Be Mine (Robyn)
"It's a hard thing, faking a smile when I feel
like I'm falling apart inside."

Inspired Moment:
No ordinary love (MYMP)
Everything I want in life is right here
'Cause this is not your ordinary love, ordinary love

Having a Flashback:
I will follow you into the dark (Death Cab For Cutie)
No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white
Just our hands clasped so tight.

Getting Back Together:
Realize (Colbie Callait)
"If you meet me half way, if you meet me half way, It could be the same for you."

Julie Tearjerky (Eraserheads)
She says that I can't be alone
Yeah she was told that time is gold

Love Scene:
Groove is in the heart (Dee-lite)
The chills that you spill up my back. Keep me filled with satisfaction when we're done.
Satisfaction of what's to come

I couldn't ask for another,
No I couldn't ask for another
Your groove I do deeply dig

While Giving Birth:
Happy Ending (Mika)
"2 o'clock in the morning, something's on my mind
Can't get no rest."

After Giving Birth:
Love team (Itchyworms)
"Di mo lang alam
Na nababaliw na 'ko sa iyo
Di ko na yata kaya to."

Final battle:
Cant get you out of my head (Kylie Minogue)
"Set me free
Feel the need in me
Set me free ."

Death scene:
Overdrive (Eraserheads)
"magda-drive ako buong taon
magda-drive ako habang buhay."

Funeral song:
Dreaming with a broken heart (John Mayer)
"Then all at once you have to say goodbye
Wondering could you stay my love
Will you wake up by my side?"

grabe! aliw! woohoo!
ayan na, kuya. para makatulog ka na! :)

magago sana kayo.
2:12 PM
50 questions survey. answers only para maiba naman.


  1. sa bahay.
  2. wala kasing pasok eh.
  3. dapat gumawa ng plate pero wala ako sa mood.
  4. khan.
  5. 2870 pesos.
  6. no.
  7. maybe.
  8. katy perry.
  9. kanina lang kasi nadumihan ko yung jacket ni jomp. (sorry) (malinis na!)
  10. starbucks planner.
  11. pera.
  12. pumogi sya infairness.
  13. gusto ko ng yellowcab sana ilibre kami ni mama.
  14. jomp.
  15. secret. bat ko sasabihin sayo?
  16. oh ano naman?
  17. never.
  18. everyday.
  19. 2 days ago.
  20. eh kasi baliw na ko. baliw na baliw sayo.
  21. colegio san agustin, makati.
  22. masasarap yung mga pagkain tapos di mo na kailangan lumabas pa ng campus para makachibog.
  23. muka ni keith.
  24. n7.
  25. bibilan daw ako ng iphone sa dreams ko.
  26. pinapalagyan na ng music yung iphone.
  27. acetone.
  28. ayoko pumupunta dun kasi cool lang nandun.
  29. mga nawawalang kaibigan.
  30. flirts.
  31. paparty daw kami bukas kasi may dadating.
  32. di pa.
  33. 8 siguro.
  34. si edward cullen parang gago kumanta. ayoko na sakanya.
  35. n/a
  36. n/a
  37. gusto ko din snow.
  38. yup!
  39. at yung ano ba yun? nakalimutan ko na.
  40. hahaha! elel!
  41. yung girls my loves. except si teta kasi malaki sya. at si ji pala.
  42. mahilig sa lamok.
  43. malandi yun eh.
  44. kuko ng liwanag.
  45. haha! no comment.
  46. gossipgirl.
  47. pandurrr.
  48. mamaya na daw sabi nung utak ko.
  49. ROFLOL!
  50. weena.

one hungreh entry.
2:03 PM
im tempted.

you guys know how in love i am with bk's whopper. and it sucks to see this.

if i knew about this earlier, i shouldve added those stranger friend requests in exchange for a whopper. i guess i have 5 stranger friends in line (those who fooled me). i need 5 more!

give me free whopper!

nige! come home na! i want yellowcab already. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009
11:29 PM
im tired for doing absolutely nothing. cramming never goes away. it has been and always will be a trend for teenagers to yuppies i guess. when i become a yuppie, im just hoping that i wouldnt stay this way for the love of god. (sorry god)

a few plates down and i still have loads and loads lined up. school work and extra curricular stuff are both messing up my head. parties are also just around the corner and i am stuck. do or die. to indian or not to indian, that is the question. and yes, this time i dont have the reason not to go. its one jeep away and im running out of excuses.

days ago, i was emo much. blame me!


im looking forward for my week long birthday celebration. screw the plates! im having fun. :) jeez! sagada with adtu and ek with blockada sure excites me. excite mode on. but before that, i need moolah!

or more. whatever!

the game: play the music below and try to decifer the lyrics. hahaha!

Never Think - Robert Pattinson

Friday, January 2, 2009
9:20 AM
bago ang malupit na entry tungkol sa 2008, ikkwento ko muna sainyo ang mga naganap nung new years eve.

hindi kasi kami nakapagdisneyland gawa ng umuulan nga at tinatamad na yung mga bata. ako pa na matanda yung nagyayaya pumunta dahil nga balak ko sanang kunan ng malupit yung fireworks. eh so nagchange ang plans. sabi ni papa eh magpunta nalang kami sa harbour ng christmas eve para makakuha ako ng pictures. so after ng shopping nung hapon, bumalik muna kami sa hotel ng mga 7 na ata yun para magpahinga. so yun, sila natulog lahat at ako naman nagplanner. tinamad akong magwifi kahit na alam kong libre naman sa hotel. mabibitin lang kasi ako. tapos ayun, nagising sila ng 9. naglakad kami sa labas at naghanap ng makakainan. fully booked halos lahat. tapos ang daming tao sa kalye. as in pinasara nila yung main roads. ang cool uberness. madaming parties and concerts pero asa pang dun kami mapapadpad. may mga hare krishna din na may nagsasasayaw sa kalye. meron kasing mosque dun sa street na yun papuntang gateway (oo! gateway din yung mall nila dun).

nakarating na kami ng gateway. sobrang bukas na bukas pa lahat ng tindahan sa malls. nagend up kaming kumain sa ucc. di masarap yung pagkain. parang nagmamadali nang makauwi yung chef. so yun na yung medya noche namin. sosyalan pero di masarap.

after kumain eh palakad na kami sa harbour. sabay sabi nung intsik na guard eh. "sarado na dito, itry nyo sa ibang kalye." syempre in chinese. so naglakad pa kami kasama ng isang libong instik papunta sa kawalan. grabe! tapos nawala si mama. lahat na ng streets sinasara ng mga police. parang nagkakagulo na. tapos dun ko na naisip na para kaming nasa cloverfield. kung napanood nyo yung movie na yun habang nasa labas silang lahat sa kalye. ganun yung feeling. wala nga lang monster.

tapos napadpad uli kami sa nathan road. yun yung main road na malapit sa hotel na pinasara. grabe! andun lahat ng tao.

leche silang lahat. yung malaking babae sa harap ko eh lean ng lean samin akala nya siguro maliit sya. tapos yung mga tao daan pa ng daan. nabadtrip nalang ako eh. nagcountdown ng 10 seconds parang gago lang. tapos lumabas yung fireworks na ubod ng layo. ni di mo na maririnig yung pagputok.

bumalik nalang kami ng hotel 5 minutes after new year. parang tanga lang kasi. umiyak pa si anton kasi naiipit na sya dun. ang lamig pa sobra. si papa nilibre pa kami ng ben and jerrys. pero pinatulan na namin kasi new year at ben and jerrys yun. hahaha! kahit namatay na kami sa lamig.

naggame nalang kami nila ma, pa, nige, anton at aiken.
"buong taon tayo kakain ng ice cream."
"buong taon tayo galit sa intsik."
"buong taon tayong nasa kalye."
walang kwentang laro alam ko. pero nagenjoy kami. :))

merry new year sa inyong everyone. :)