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I do consider myself a workaholic although again like what I said earlier I PROCRASTINATE A LOT. Money makes me happy. I dance and shout once I touch paper bills that are mine. And the thought of being uber rich in the future just makes me feel contentment in life. LOL!

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Thursday, April 30, 2009
b i c y c l e
5:20 PM
Kailangan ko na ata maging warfreak. Hindi na ko pwedeng tumahimik lang twing may gago na umaaway sakin or sa kung sino mang mahal ko. (Yeah!)


s u b i c
4:08 PM
Family is pushing thru on spending the "long weekend" in Subic. Which means I can't date tomorrow, no badminton and inumans on Saturday.

We'll be back on Sunday. I guess it's a perfect time to rest, work on a labor day and finally search for a really nice topic for thesis.

Since it rained again the whole day, today's swimming with 4B was cancelled. I'm really really looking forward to the inuman later. I hope it pushes thru.

I'll try to stay online eventhough I'm out of town. Boo!

p e p i t o <3
12:58 AM
Meet my baby.

His name's Pepito. He's so tiny and I love him so much. Ninang nya si Louie. Sino pa gusto maging Godparents nya? Hahaha! I love you, Pepito. I'll place you on my left bloggy panel so that I can see you everyday.

Isa kang taong rainbow. I'm just happy whenever you're around.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
h u n g e r
1:20 AM
It's been exactly a week since I had something to work on again. And it's been crazy because I was trying to balance work and my social life. Plus, Papa's been asking favors to make office stuff for him and not only that, he even assigned me to fix our family portraits for the Living Room. That means I have to give the family a photoshoot. Weird. :\ But I do have an idea for the theme.

Anyways, I'm still hating the rain for ruining my summer. I'm still broke because of my ATM dumbness. (An ATM card is never going to be a source of moolah until I finally have the knowledge in using it.) Thesis advicing is less than a month now and I'm still not doing anything about it. And so as the ADTU outing that I don't really care if a lot would come. No pressure.

Enough of the blahdidahs.

I'm excited for tomorrows shoot. Really hoping that it wont rain. I have a lot of things to say but i'm really really hungry right now (or atleast my mind tells me so), so I guess ill be feeding myself with cornedbeef again for past midnight snacks.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009
w a s p ! ! !
1:52 AM

Ganyan kasabaw pagkaibigan si Keith. Lupit namin magDoodle noh? LOL!

Monday, April 27, 2009
11:51 PM
Crazy Sched.

Monday: Work day and dinner with family
Tues: Work
Wednesday: Photoshoot and Work
Thursday: Photoshoot or Swimming at country club and inuman at Tinay's (4B Reunion)
Friday: Photoshoot?? or Date with love or Subic with Family
Saturday: Subic or Tinay's birthday
Sunday: Work or Subic or both

Nababaliw na ko. Now i'm sort of broke (since I still don't know how to use my ATM) and my YM isn't working. WTF!

z a c.
12:32 AM
Never been a fan of Zac Efron, but man he's hot in his latest movie "17 Again". *drools*

I miss my flirts. Never na tayong nakumpleto. SUCKS! Hahahaha! Cant wait to see you girls again. Meron pa tayong Birthday and Bar-ing before the summer ends.

Saturday, April 25, 2009
2:48 AM
More drawings of me and my Disney Princess. :)
by Weena

by Bex

Some observations: Jomps green shirt and black pants never fades. And what's with me in a purple shirt and a yellow headband? Ironically, I don't have a yellow headband and I dont wear my purple shirts often. Maybe that's not me after all. Hahaha!

Thank you dears for wasting your time making me this. (dance) I am super in love with it.


PS: Kamusta ka naman boss? Inindian mo ko. :( Di ko tuloy natapos. Boo! Panic mode ako nito sa Sunday.

Updated: Nagonline si Boss nung matutulog na ko. Hahaha! Ayos! Appear!

Friday, April 24, 2009
l a t e r s t a t e r s!
4:15 PM
My layout is annoying. I can't figure out how to place the comment link. After a lot of trials, still a FAIL.

Anyways, I'm trying my best to stay away from my plurk and my blog. My drifit project is due today (or atleast anytime this week but I'm giving myself deadlines) and the Binay shirts are on Sunday. Please I can't afford to go out. So I had to cancel my photoshoot for today. (Sorry Marii and Justin) I'll try to resched it next week. And it's raining, we can't shoot. :(

The rain sucks biggie time. It's summer for heavens sake! We need the sun.

ADTU: Free yourself on any day after May20 something. We are off to Bataan. :) (dance) I'll miss you, ADTU One love. Appeal on retaining block system on senior year = FAIL.

I'm signing off. For real-ish.

Thursday, April 23, 2009
B I N A G Y O: P A R T 2
9:51 PM
It's earth day yesterday. Last year nagcelebrate din ako nito eh pero baduy yung picture ko. Ngayon atleast may tunay na kong plant na katabi. Hahahaha!

I love you Boogie! Camera shy sya but he loves me. <3

One of the funnest inumans I've had in years. Unang una, di ako naging KJ and pangalawa lahat nagkakachance magsalita. Hindi tulad sa ibang group inumans na nagfofocus lang ang mga tao sa iilang speakers. The rest tagakinig nalang.

Eh ano naman kung umuulan? Kailangan kong lumabas. Nababaliw na ko sa loob ng bahay. Pero infairness, ang hassle nung pagcommute namin papunta dun. Lalo na sa bag ko na may laptop na di ko naman nagamit talaga pangtrabaho.

Nagswimming kami habang umuulan. Kumain ng panghabang buhay. Naginuman parin kahit pinapastop na ni tita. Natulog sila sa sahig at ako sa kama na may balabal as kumot. Nanood ng Friday the 13th ng tanghaling tapat.

Pumunta kami kila Chibi kanina. Woohoo! Busog lalo.

Pakshet! Naubos yung pera ko sa cab fare.

Even if it takes forNEVER. :) <3

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
F U C K Y O U K A D I N!
12:52 AM
To you Pepe! and to hundreds of you who hate me (if you are that many). Fuck you ka din!

You made me feel really really bad tonight. I know I can't please EVERYyone. Pero sana di ka nagpakaduwag para magfake names pa.

Grabe! Masunog ka sana.

You're just mean. And you don't deserve this blog entry but I'm doing this para malaman mo how mean you are. Konsensyahin ka sana. :(

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
K A T H A N G I S I P L A N G B A?
2:26 AM
Babala: Dahan dahan basahin ang blog entry na ito Dahil punong puno ito ng kabuluhan.

Para sa atin na nakakakilala ng mabuti kay Bombee, alam kong sawang sawa na tayo sa mga posing nya na ganito sa mga photos. Hindi natin maintindihan kung baket ba lagi nalang nya ginawa yung posing na yan. Ano nga ba ang dahilan kung baket naeengganyo sya sa legs nya at arms na nasa ganyang posisyon.

Hindi na ata natin malalaman ang sagot. Dahil mukhang di din naman nya alam kung baket. Hindi ko na sya tatanungin. Nakakatamad!

Kaninang umaga/hapon nung paggising ko, pinuntahan ko yung plastic box ng mga picture frames namin dati sa sala na tinanggal na dahil nagrenovate ng bahay. Sabi kasi ni papa eh piliin ko daw yung mga pictures na pwedeng ilagay sa mga bagong bili nyang sosyalang picture frames. So ayun, nagscan ako sa mga nandun at biglang may nakita ako na sobrang hindi ko inaasahan.

Oo! Ako yan! Tangina tawang tawa ako nung nakita ko yan. Sobrang napaisip talaga ako,


Monday, April 20, 2009
11:46 PM
I hate overthinking but overthinking is just so normal to me. Effortless and consistent. Yus! That's right.

A week ago, my boss wasn't going online. It was a little bit alarming since he goes online almost everynight and gives me new projects to work on. But ever since after Holy week, I got no news from him. His promised new project e-mail didn't come and never saw him OL.

Not until tonight.

I asked him if he fired me already without me knowing. Cause I know he knows I'm just new to this and he might be scared to hurt my feelings since we are of the same age. Pero hindi pala! Hahaha! Tae! Busy lang daw talaga at may mabigat daw akong project. Woohoo!! (dance)

Work loves me especially when theres money involved.

Tues: Greenbelt with Ma.
Wed-Thurs: Keiths
Fri: Marii and Justin shoot
Sat: Flirts @ Makati (17 Again)
Sun: Yeoh shoot

Tae hassle ang ulan. *SUN DANCE*

T i r e d
4:26 PM
Wasn't able to go to Reg's. I'm tired to explain. I've been explaining it the whole afternoon. Anyways, I wanted to paint something on canvas. Deviantart sucks for showing a lot of great paintings. I'd probably finish painting my LP shoes. I'm so fed up on facing the laptop the whole day.

I want a new bikini and a summer dress. I want to go to the beach. RAWR!

Okay, work mode. This sucks.

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Y E S ! L I B R E !
8:37 PM
Gusto ko lang ishare na kanina ang fun nung Sunday ko. Akala ko papagalitan ako nung morning kasi late nanaman ako nagising for the mass. Tas pinauna ko na sila Ma sa church para di na sila magaantay at di na ko magmamadali. Pagdating ko ng simbahan, pinagtawanan nila ako kasi nakashades din ako parang si papa. Sabi ni pa, "Baket? bulag ka din ba tulad ko?" Alam ko foul para sa kanya pero sya naman yung humirit eh. Kaya keri lang.

NagMegamall kami para paayos yung CPU ni Nige at bumili din si pa ng mga whatsits ni papa. Benta pa yung car talk namin. Tae! Balak ni papa ibigay sakin yung Toyota na Taxi! Hello naman diba? Eh ni sya ayaw nyang mahuli sya na sakay yun. PA! ANG PANGET KASI!

Bought Garnier Light kanina kasi I need a moisturizer dahil summer. Kahit di naman talaga ako vain. Pati sunblock bumili ako kahit too late na mukha nang sunog yung likod ko at SUPER UNEVEN NUNG SKIN! :( Face powder din bumili ako. Hahaha! Dahil sa kwento kong toh, naffeel ko na yung pagkaICKY ko. Shower muna ako.

H A T E Y O U ! Y ! M : ( L O V E Y O U , S B!
2:07 AM
Yes! Here's it is. The polaroid thing I saw last night at blogskins. And I made mine today. I enjoyed it much. And yes again, as Teta said a while ago at her blog, lucky are the people I trust because you can play with the polaroid thingymajigs I made. Hahaha! It's so fun! I want to blog at SB forever.

So, anyway, I've been meaning to blog about Y!Messenger. It's been really annoying for the past 2 weeks or so. At first, my contacts were sending the "lose weight" virus message (which I understand since the virus changes every season). Plus, there are spam messages I receive atleast 3-4 times a day from unknown emails with a link of a supposedly sex related site (haven't clicked any of it yet so I can't prove if it is). Okay fine, I can still understand that. Pero yung pagkabullshit ng photoshare ko and send file. Yun hindi ko na maintindihan.

What's the point of my Y!M if I cant share files with my friends easily. Essential yun noh! Sa plurk nalang tuloy ako naglalagay. Tae! Baduy!

Dear Y!M,
Umayos ka na UTANG NA LOOB!

1:39 AM

Okay first, I'm blogging about my room. Hahaha! Papakita ko lang how messy it was. Pero now, it's clean na. Hahaha! Tinamad lang ako magpicture nung aftermath nya.

Grabe! I know. Wag nyo na i-rub in. Hahaha!

Next time ko na talaga mabblog yung sa shoot namin 2 days ago. Thanks Demi and Celine (mga models). Thank you din Raymond, Pred and my blockadas na nagtravel dito sa merville ng COMMUTE. Hahahaha! Miguel! send mo na yung group pics natin! :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009
2:17 AM
2 days ago, I was supposed to blog about how I cleaned my room. Yesterday, about my two photoshoots which led to an awful migraine. But right now, I choose on blogging about how messed up my brain is.

I've been searching at blogskins some possible temporary blog layout for my secret blog (cause Ji's making me one. Well, I was just looking for something white and simple and really really uncomplicated. But I ended up finding this CLICK!! and a couple more really complicated but cute layouts. Now I am really in deep shit. Hahahaha!

If I successfully made a layout similar to the effects there, I might ask Ji to make me a multiply layout instead. :|

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
2:22 AM
Right now is so not CYBERHYPERTIME. I'm so low-bat for messing up my room. Operation: Clean Room = FAIL! EPIC FAIL!

Anyways, I'm blogging because a minute ago Reg and I were talking then suddenly she said "de ja vu" WTF??? FOR REALSS??? Hahahaha!

Alam na to nila Ji, diba? Lagi may nad dejavu na kasama ako. ANO BANG MERON SAKIN? Bat ako hindi naddejavu sa ibang tao? This is so unfair! Hahahaha!

Amputcha! Matutulog na ba ko? Ang kalat ng kwarto. Wala na kong sahig. :\

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
2:46 AM
Not much accomplishments for today. Well, aside from my personalized plurk layout that was made in PURE photoshop, nothing great was done.

My sched is still messed up like my hair right now. I want to sleep nalang for the rest of the week but I cant. I cant miss a lot this week and for the rest of the other weeks. GAH!

We'll be going to Mahayhay Falls on April22 with plurkada and whoever that could come. SAMA KAYO ADTU! Camping ish trip kunwari.

And a few announcements for those concerned:


Monday, April 13, 2009
J o L L I B E E A S T E R S U N D A Y
3:13 AM
I don't know where to start. Easter has been a blessing to me. Parang naging pasko din sya ng pagkabuhay ko. Somewhat similar with "new year, new life" but this time, it feels better. I really have a thing for outreach programs, kids and/or any other programs for a good cause. One thing i've kept with me that i've learned in CSA is this. To serve others because you know you can. Not in a politician way okay? Please lang.

But seriously, nakakataba ng puso. And I'm thanking Tita Che for this.

I really miss my Gawad Kalinga days. Ang effortless ng pagtulong mo. You just sit there beside the kid you're assigned to, make friends with them and teach them whatever they don't understand in school. Miss ko na din yung isa pang GK namin. We painted houses for the less fortunate at yung paghukay namin para sa foundation ng houses. Grabe yun! Maffeel mo talaga yung nararamdaman ng mga karpinteros or even worse kasi hindi ka naman sanay.

Anyway, mas tiring yung party-ish for the kids kanina kesa yesterday at Katip. More than 200 kids were there and talagang MAN POWER. Napagod ako sa paglagay ng Jolly Spaghetti sa plastic and sa kakasabi ng "Pili ka nalang ng balloon mo." Hahaha! It's really sad cause Jompy and I were assign in the balloons. So here's the thing, when the kids enter the gate, they'd pick a paper in a small box and they'd get either a paper with a "Happy Easter" or "Winner" in it. Happy Easter means getting only a balloon from us and winner would obviously get a toy. It hurts cause the kids doesn't want us. Hahahaha! Parang kasalanan pa namin na "Happy Easter" lang ang nabunot nila.

I saw Jollibee dance. It's creepy but the kids love it.

I got lost before I got there and some village guard and company where just PERVS!

I am planning to adopt a kid. SHE'S SO CUTE! Tae! I wish her hair wasn't on her face. She's so adorable.

And lastly, Jolina was there. Di ko makunan ng maayos yung tag nya eh. Nahiya ako bigla.

Masaya din ako kasi nagbalik ka na uli sa ♥ ko. You know who you are. 2 months and 2 weeks is so long. It felt like a year to me and I don't want it anymore. I just want to be with you.

I changed my secret love blog's site name. Wag magpanic pag di nyo na mabukas. HAHAHA! Tulad ni Teta. PM me nalang if you want to know.

Saturday, April 11, 2009
charlie the unicorn 3! YES 3!!!
12:28 PM

THE WAIT IS OVER!! I love the rap. hahahaha!

Charlie, look out for the blablabla! :))

Ang beach mo!
12:43 AM
My henna means "Summer". Real fake. It faded a minute after the jologs guy painted it on my skin. I'm exaggerating.

Jellyfish all over. KADIRI!

Tae! Yung kasama ni Nige ang lalakeng nagpakilig ng stay ko. SHET! Pedo. Hahaha!

May sunburn na ilong ko jan. Ali looks retard on most pics and Iyah still can't feel her tan. WHAT THE HELL NAMAN DIBA?

Ayos si kuya eh. Hirap na hirap ako magset ng timer man!

Wow! What's summer without going to the beach diba? Ewan ko kung nabanggit ko na yun dito pero last year di ako nakapagbeach puro pool lang. Amp lang talaga! Pero umitim ako dahil sa PE. Shirt tan yung tan lines namin. Walang kwenta.

Atleast ngayon mukhang mapapadalas ang pagbeach ko. Bataan with Adam's, Bataan or Pangasinan with Adtu/Blockada, Batangas si 4B, and La Union with family. Sana may dumagdag pa. I NEED REST!!!

I need to go t the beach with friends who knows how to take real good pictures. AYOKO NA MAGSELF TIMER FOR LIFE! Jahe sa crush. Hahahaha!

Friday, April 10, 2009
haay biyernes santo parin.
9:37 PM
Kanina, Palaro laro lang ako ng Restaurant City sa FB. Tapos, the next thing I know, Ayaw pumayag ni papa na i-delay ko yung thesis ko.

Gusto ko sanang magwala, magalit, magtampo pero alam ko na walang madudulot na maganda yun. Kadiri ang pamature ko. Pero totoo, sasayangin ko lang oras ko kung magdadrama pa ko. Kailangan ko nalang magobey sakanila.

Ngayon, nagreresearch na ko ng mga topics na pwede para sa thesis ko. Ang hirap! Para akong tinutusok tusok ng mga kung ano man sa ngala ngala ko. Grabe! Nakakatanga toh.

Patulong! I need a really good topic for thesis that involves the following:

Imma die now!

Mukhang maglilibrary kami ni Ji once or twice a week and todo search. Double din sa pagracket sa mga photoshoots. TAE! TAE! Wala na nga ata akong Summer. WOOHOO!

Atleast, magkakaroon ako ng yearbook na kasama ang ADTU.

Biyernes Santo
12:53 AM
Oo! Wala akong nagawa jan ni isa. Yung planner lang. Tapos di ko pa tapos. Magbblog ako ng maayos mamayang onti.

Thursday, April 9, 2009
holy work. work et!
12:34 AM
Ngayong Holy Week, ako ay gagawa ng mga Holy Work.


Monday, April 6, 2009
10:20 PM
I just came home after a shoot. The morning may not have started out so well. I was sleepy and cranky but I had to wake up at 7 in the morning because call time was supposedly 9am. I went to the wrong meeting place 2 hours earlier than everyone. My kili kili was perspiring like hell inside my underarms. Weird weather.

I ordered the usual Choco Frap and really felt sleepy after minutes of drinking. After an hour or so, a starbucks girl offered us the cafe lemon tea or something like that. I'm not a caffeine person so definitely it tasted bad. Imagine lemon iced tea on your coffee. BAD IDEA! Whatever, It kept me awake anyway. Thanks to that really awful tasting drink.

Muntik na! As in muntik na kami mawalan ng location. Holidays really suck for reasons like this. We ALMOST lost it. So anyway, kahit sino i-bribe mo with money, PAPAYAG! After pleading and pleading the people in charge of the location, pumayag sila basta itreat ng lunch. Kamusta naman diba? WHATEVER! Pumayag parin sila.

I'm proud of myself. HMUA (hair and make up artist) is moi! I love her hair. SUPER! And I'm actually planning on investing on make up since I guess I'll be doing HMUA for Kuya Pol and Alpreddd and myself for the rest of my life.

GRABE! Ang lupit mo magpose Marii. Naeexcite na ko sa next shoot natin and more. I'll post my shots somewhere soon. Somewhere means multiply, deviantart and photoblog.

T'was a tiring and starving day but was worth it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009
papapapokerface...kariman kariman...
2:30 AM
It will forever be coffee and cream (ako yung cream of course) LOL

kuya, isa pong NUGGETSILOG! :) yummeh! Great discovery, nica.

Read this aloud with me with all the pauses, "Akala...mo'' kyot ka...Akala...mo' lang'' yon."

I mean, seriously, how fucked up is the Filipino language? Why can't people use punctuation marks right?

That's how thin and macho I am.

Bombee and Terrance's version of Lady Gaga's Poker face video position.

Is this fo REALS?? The poker life is back? CHECK!

I am my own Petsoc. Love the shades, Pabs.

Just amazing. I love being around you guys, girls, gay and lesbians.

sicko sicko durr durr
1:55 AM
Currently sneezing and wiping my nose with tissue or any kind of paper just to prevent some liquid to flow out of it. My head aches too actually. I feel very uncomfortable and irritated. I literally can't breathe and I just want to finish everything I have to tonight.

But the thing with me is, I prioritize the unimportant things first. DARN IT!

On the bright side, I still sort of accomplished thing/s for the day. Like, taking photographs of my past plates and uploading some at devart. But jeez! my room is still a mess and I've been attempting to clean it for almost two weeks now but the sloth that I am says no.

I'll try to upload atleast 10 photos a day at dev. Super hassle and it really takes a long time to upload with all the ek-ek. One more annoying thing is converting my CMYK files back to RGB cause dear ol' dev can't read CMYK files. Pfffft! All for the great portfolio in the making. *I should've done this before. Loser that I am*


Friday, April 3, 2009
go go go! POWERRANGERS!!
4:27 PM
Waah! I'm totally confused.

Which should go first?

Hmm...mukhang magJamLegend nalang muna ako or Petsoc. TAE!


nang dahil sa pera eh nakilala ka.
1:30 AM
Instead of updating my Flickr account, I've decided to update my Deviantart account instead.

Buong break puro trabaho iniisip ko. Parang biglang naliwanagan utak ko na kailangan ko na magtino. Kung gusto kong yumaman kailangan kong magayos ng buhay. Ayoko na ng petiks. Ayoko ng "go with the flow" o "anything goes". Wala akong mapapala sa ganyan. Kung sa ibang tao umeepekto yun, sakin hindi.

Naisip ko kasi sa pinasok kong "Industry" meron yang screenings parang Artista. Pero dito, portfolios ang pinapakita mo parang sa mga models. Nung hiningan ako ni boss ng portfolio, wala akong mapakita. Nakakagago lang sobra! Sa dinami dami ng nagawa ko sa CFAD, ni isang "art" wala akong mapakita. Nakakahiya. Pero buti nalang onti onti akong may napakita sakanya. Pero yun nga lang, SABOG! Iba ibang mga web accounts ko yung pinaste ko sakanya. Narealize ko na dapat ayusin ko silang lahat.

Buti tinanggap parin ako nun. Thank you, Boss. Hahahaha! Yun lang ang boss na di nanlalait ng gawa ng emplyado niya eh. Tara na't uminom.

Pero infairness, kakaririn ko na to. Nageenjoy naman ako sa ginagawa ko eh. Eventually, lulupit pa ko tapos keri sa resume tapos hanggang sa magssolo na ko tapos yayaman. Or ewan, pinagiisipan ko din kung ako ang mamamahala sa Pylon pero wala naman akong alam sa business at mukang si Nige ang magbboss dun. Whatever! Nakakaexcite ang future kasi di mo alam ang susunod na mangyayari.

Masaya lang akong kumikita ako ngayon ng pera ko.

Magpapainom talaga ako kung nagkataon.

Deviantart mode. Teka, baka gumawa nalang ako ng bagong account. Labo!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
12:21 AM

Grabe! Ang highschool nito sobra.

Yesterday, we decided to hangout at sa kasamaang palad, our digicams and DSLR's are useless. Lowbatt pareho! So nagpakajologs kami sa Trinoma and took pictures of us using our cellphone cameras. Tae Tito Onat, balik mo na yung si Dip (yung Digicam ko). Ganito lang gusto ko, Chillax. Tambay lang, nakaupo sa kung saang parte ng mall, kasama ng mga kabatak ko. Hahahaha!

Tapos nagkaraoke din kami. Grabe! benta yung second voice. Kaya siguro 100 yung score namin. Utang na loob, Terens tama na kanta. Hahahaha! Sayang I can't place the video here. Kakaiba ang memory card ng nokia eh napakaliit.

Ang saya ko yesterday. Got home late again pero di ako napagalitan kasi wala sila nasa Casino ata.

WOOHOO! Wala akong bagsak. 1.9 general average ko. Tangina ang baba pero keri lang. Atleast walang bagsak.

Photographs from Terens. :)